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It can be incredibly easy to both overestimate and underestimate the famed difficulty of Dark Souls and its spiritual successor Demon’s Souls. Rather than fitting nicely on the usual scale Dark Souls aims for a different sort of challenge altogether. The truth is that action RPG fans have become accustomed to loose and silly combat that tends to boil down to flailing away at enemies with a lightning sword until someone dies. In such encounters character stats tend to decide the victor while difficulty merely refers to the damage output and toughness of the world’s hostile creatures. A boss is considered to be “hard” when it kills you quickly or is difficult to take down even if it behaves in exactly the same way as your previous dozen adversaries.

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Lelldorianx2461d ago

If ever I am convinced to purchase a console, this would be the game to make it happen.

h311rais3r2461d ago

Just sign the pc petition like the rest of us. Then If they tell us to bugger off then we burn down namco bandai :) or send them all DVD cases with dark souls Pc written all over it to head office. Like operation crowbar

BlackTar1872461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Game is amazing. I liked Demon soul better just cause it had door ways to new worlds but this is no slouch.

great game and totally true

Captain Qwark 92461d ago

i liked dark souls better for the connected world lol but either method was perfectly fine and worked great. in fact im glad they did both becuase it was what the sequel needed to make it feel different enough to justify the sequel but familiar enough that it didnt stray to far from the gameplay i loved to begin with

BlackTar1872461d ago

Yea i mean really were arguing over inches here lol.

Games were amazing and if DLC is real i can not wait to get back in the world

beat it 3x

Thanks for the response games deserves as many sales as possible it really is the GEM of this gen