Call of Duty 4 Updates/Patches Coming This Month (Full List)

Fourtwozero posted on the Offcial Xbox forums a list of updates that will be coming this month. Some cool improvements are coming, other than a few playlist changes/removals, there is some maps being added to some game types, host issues solved, and even something you may not know you wanted, an addition to a Kill Cam for everything (such as if you get killed by an Air Strike, it will follow the bomb from the plane to you so you can see that in the after death screens).

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HBK6193751d ago

Sounds AWESOME!!!

Can't Wait!

Will it be for both consoles or not?

PacoDG3751d ago

Yes. "The Playlist changes apply to both the 360 and the PS3 versions, but the PS3 will have different patch changes" - fourzerotwo

fusionboxer3751d ago

When is muting other players coming in? I thought that was an update from awhile back, but I haven't seen it.

Educate me!

Panthers3751d ago

I didnt see anything about Mute. That is terrible. I need a mute option.

Also, I wish they could do the host thing better. Instead of ending the game just change the host and let the game go on. Other games have done it in the past.

sticky doja3751d ago

There is a mute function. I'm not sure about PS3 but their is a mute function in all 360 games. PM me if you want to know how to mute on 360.

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Delive3751d ago

us to disable the kill cam? Most times, I don't want to see it, so bypassing it automatically would be nice.

PacoDG3751d ago

I believe that has always been available. As soon as you die, as the death screen starts loading you should be able to hit 'x' or 'b' (on the 360 version) to bypass the death clip and respawn.

darkness within3751d ago

Kill cam Can Be Turned off by the host when he sets up the game if that helps

creeping judas3751d ago

on the 360 you can only turn it off when youre in a private party game.

Panthers3751d ago

He isnt talking about turning it off for the game, but just for himself so he doesnt have to go through the trouble of hitting one button.

Delive3747d ago

You are a genius. I know it can be disabled in private games and skipped by pressing a button. I would rather press something if I WANT to see the replay. Otherwise, I don't want to have to mash a button to skip a replay of someone shooting a barrett 2 feet to my left and still killing me.

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kurochi3751d ago

for the 360 version on Amazon for 40 bucks. It's still going on and the PS3 version is for 40 also. Wanted to support PS3, but my friends on PS3 doesn't play COD4.... LOL So, I guess I'll play with my buddy's on the 360 version.

sticky doja3751d ago

If you want to get serious on some headquarters just let me know. I'm pretty good (top 20,000 or so overall) and am always lookin for someone to party up with.

OOG FunK3751d ago

nice to see they are on the ball quick this time around.....unlike cod2

Strider19793751d ago

FFA's are now first to 20 kills?

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