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Submitted by Queasy 1404d ago | news

PS Vita Launch Bundle adds memory card at regular price, available for pre-order

XMNR: Sony just revealed a new launch bundle for the PS Vita on Friday that packs in a good-sized memory card, PSN game, and a little more at the regular price for the 3G/WiFi model. And, it's available for pre-order now. (PS Vita)

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smashcrashbash  +   1404d ago
Sweet bundle. 8 gigs is more then enough for me for now.
Bach  +   1404d ago
I do hope they improve the first edition bundle now.
Ddouble  +   1404d ago
They have, It's basically

First Edition Bundle - $349.99
- Get it on the 15th
- 4GB card
- Carrying case
- Little Deviants
- AT&T Data Pass
- Free PSN Game

Launch Day Bundle - $299.99
- Get it on the 22nd
- 8GB Card
- AT&T Data Pass
- Free PSN Game
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Bach  +   1404d ago
Oh. Excellent! Hahaha. Thank you Ddouble.
alien626  +   1404d ago
the catch is that u need to have the at&t account activated for 30 days and if u dont cancel u will get a PSN voucher for a free game. if you cancel before the 30 days u wont get a free game.
Ethereal  +   1404d ago
Of course you also get the first edition a week early ;)
ABizzel1  +   1404d ago
IMO this is a better deal than the first edition.

I'd rather have an 8GB memory card with $50 savings, than a 4GB, Carrying Case, and Little Deviants.

Having it a week early is solely for bragging rights which I must say is tempting, but I'd rather save $50 than have it a week early. That $50 can go to a game I really want like Uncharted.

I'm canceling my 1st edition order and picking up the Day 1 bundle, maybe if 1st edition was a month earlier I would have got it.
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JoeReno  +   1404d ago
Hell ya!
Game4life  +   1404d ago
u left out the 8 gig memory card for fist edition
fear88  +   1404d ago
This Bundle kinda surprised me. This is a great value for what you get and I am very happy with it. Not only do you get the 3G Vita, but you get an 8GB memory which gives the 3G Vita a great sense of value. I would have considered this had I not invested in a laptop. I will get the vita eventually but for right now, I am happy with my gaming laptop playing skyrim.
GribbleGrunger  +   1404d ago
lol. well that'll shut a few people up
MasterCornholio  +   1404d ago
Yeah people whining about a 20€ memory card that they cant afford is getting pretty old now.

Ethereal  +   1404d ago
moparful99  +   1403d ago
If you look on the playstation forum all of the first edition buyers are now complaining because they only get a 4gig as opposed to the 8gig that the new bundle is getting.. This is just proof that you cant please everybody.. Everybody whined about getting a memory card included and now one is and people are complainging about something else... Makes me sick...
GribbleGrunger  +   1403d ago
what they need is a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
Ddouble  +   1404d ago
New deals all over the place but there all mising the UK.

Look at the promotion in which is for both versions.

If you order now, the PlayStation Vita before and you secure these benefits: Free 8GB Memory Card, Free Pre-box with headset + PSN voucher and 15 EUR discount on a PS Vita game
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Omar91  +   1404d ago
So nothing for the wifi only model? :(
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1404d ago
At this point wont you just rather shell out another fifty for the 3G? I mean its giving you plenty.
ABizzel1  +   1404d ago
At least you still get Wi-Fi in the 3G model. The whole purpose of these promotion is that once you have a taste of 3G, there's a chance you'd stick with the AT&T plan.

I will be saving my 250MB forever.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1404d ago
Just cancelled my 3G version an upgraded to this... Nice.
remanutd55  +   1404d ago
im seriously thinking about it too
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1404d ago
If you preordered it on Amazon then you should go do it NOW! Your saving money here man. All you need is a game after this and your set. I ordered Uncharted because it seemed like the right choice. I mean its a little expensive but its Uncharted for Gods sake.
Game4life  +   1404d ago
u can do this at gamestop too :)
Les-Grossman  +   1404d ago
It sounds like the 3G version is failing in pre orders. For them to make this deal & leave out the 3G only version
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1404d ago
I dont know, my local game store ran out of 3G, while Wi-fi is still waiting to be preordered.
GribbleGrunger  +   1404d ago
3G was always going to be a hard sell but lets not call it a failure just yet. it will never outsell the Wi-Fi only version, so we can't draw any conclusions by comparing them. just give it a year and then we can consider everything the net has been saying with more enlightened eyes
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Brownghost  +   1404d ago
The first edition bundle is retarded since your only saving $20 which still isn't good enough to make me buy it. Still sticking to wifi version since 3g is expensive
danny818  +   1404d ago
I would so get this but the thing is i had a torch for at&t and the data sux where i live here in LA. So im just getting the wifi so when i go to mexico i can still communicate with my psn buddies, not worring about roaming fees and shit
Dragonfodder  +   1404d ago
I still believe that Best Buy's pre-order deal in Canada is the best. You get the bundle for the WiFi version that comes with a 4GB memory card, a limited edition case, a copy of Little Deviants AND best of all, a free copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Plus, you get all this a week earlier than the official release date. Yessss! :)
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spok22  +   1403d ago
Can I go into a Gamestop store and preorder this or is this only online? I don't feel like waiting for this to ship.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1403d ago
They better upgrade my First Edition bundle too, otherwise I'm cancelling my pre-order.

For God's sake, I don't even own this thing yet and I already feel like I'm getting screwed. What's next? Vita ambassadors club?

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