The Video Games Industry and The Government

SPOnG: "Andy Payne is a well known and highly respected figure in the UK games industry. He won’t mind me saying that he has been for quite some time. His ‘day job’ is with Mastertronic. However, his recent OBE for services to the industry was also awarded for his work with organisations such as BAFTA, Get Games, UKIE and GamesAid.

Basically, when it comes to the UK’s video games industry, Andy is at its heart and soul. Andy’s been heavily involved both behind the scenes and very much up front in lobbying of government to give video games their due both in terms of industrial muscle and as the modern cultural force that they are.

So, when I – a cynical games journalist – heard that the Conservative/Liberal coalition government was supporting the idea of games in schools via ICT education I turned to Andy for comment. I asked, "I wonder if you would be able to lay out exactly how you - as someone at the coalface - see the brave new educational landscape fruiting and, more importantly, how was the change achieved?”

Here’s what I – and in fact anybody who supports the UK industry – got in response:"

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