What happens when you play Reality Fighters with a six foot AR card?

Sometimes you just have to print out a six foot AR card and play Reality Fighters with life size people. You’ll know when. For me that time was today. Mainly because Sony sent the cards over this morning and, as it turns out, sellotaping 20 pieces of A4 together is quite the challenge. Especially when people need the office floor for ‘walking’.

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MasterCornholio2510d ago

Neat reminds me of when people created giant Mario's by blowing up the size of the AR cards. But this AR tech is much better than that.


MaxXAttaxX2510d ago

They should make 200 foot cards and have Godzilla sized battles out in the streets.

Godmars2902510d ago

You know someone's going to do it. Not even a matter of time really, a week after US release.

tarbis2509d ago

that's a freaking good idea XD