2011 in Review: Top 11 Nintendo Surprises of the Year

2011 wasn't Nintendo's best year from any perspective, but now that all's said and done it still proved to be far from the worst. In fact, with the launch of a new handheld platform, a new Zelda five years in the making, a new Mario to kick off the 3DS's first holiday, and tons of downloadable fun, this may debatably be one of the heaviest Nintendo years ever in terms of the sheer weight of each of the major releases. Sprinkle the 25th anniversary festivities for one of the most celebrated franchises in all of gaming on top of that and you've got a whole lot to look back on.

Read on to see the top surprises of the last year - and don't be too surprised when half of them have something to do with Zelda.

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Stealth2k2517d ago

" it's a shining star within the declining genre"

Its basically rising to such heights it has nowhere to go but down.................

More games getting localized than ever, more games being developed than ever, at the same quality as ever