Amazon Reveals PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Launch Bundle

Amazon has revealed a new package for the upcoming PlayStation handheld device, the PlayStation Vita. Not to be confused with the PlayStation Vita First Edition, the 3G/WiFi Launch bundle will be released on February 22nd with a few extras.


GameStop has also updated their listings and is now offering this bundle as well.

Sony has now revealed that First Edition bundles will also get some of the bonuses contained in the Launch Bundle.

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SoundGamer2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Wow. Sony should offer something more for those who get the First Edition bundle.

Coltrane_C2487d ago

i preordered the First Edition Bundle and I am stunned Right now

Sev2487d ago

I'm guessing they will, otherwise, they've just made their First Edition bundle worthless aside from the fact you get it a week early.

Ddouble2487d ago

They upgraded the First Edition Bundle too.

iXenon2487d ago

I guess I know where I'm getting my Vita from...

remanutd552487d ago

o_O i wanted to be part of the launch party at the playstation lounge in new york city but this bundle is too good to let it pass lol

SoundGamer2487d ago

I'm hoping that this isn't only an Amazon exclusive. Also, I wish that the Wi-Fi only version would get some love too. Early adopters should get more perks and more options from different retailers.

C'mon Sony!

Jio2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Well...time to cancel my Gamestop pre-order...

Edit: Wait a minute, I went on Amazon and you can't even get the 3G PS Vita...

ThatMiamiGuy2487d ago

I assume you live in Canada? If you do, then the 3G version isn't available there.

You can get it in the U.S. though.

Jio2487d ago

I live in the U.S...look for it on Amazon, you won't find it...

ThatMiamiGuy2487d ago


It's there. Check the link in the article. Also you can find it under the "Video Games" tab in Amazon.

SoundGamer2487d ago

Yeah, I found it. It's there.

Jio2487d ago

Found it...never mind...

Ionvein2487d ago

I pre-ordered the Wifi version and it seems that there are no bundles or deals for it, a shame that those of us who don't want the 3G/Wifi Vita don't get any deals.

despair2487d ago

sad thing is I would actually like the 3g but can't get it in my country so its even worse for me.

Ionvein2487d ago

That sucks, I wanted the early release bundle (get the game a week early) but the fact that it was 3G/Wifi only and the bundle came out to be more expensive then buying the Wifi Vita + Memory Card + and a good game compared to what they were offering.

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The story is too old to be commented.