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Submitted by ThatMiamiGuy 1471d ago | news

Amazon Reveals PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Launch Bundle

Amazon has revealed a new package for the upcoming PlayStation handheld device, the PlayStation Vita. Not to be confused with the PlayStation Vita First Edition, the 3G/WiFi Launch bundle will be released on February 22nd with a few extras. (PS Vita)

Update GameStop has also updated their listings and is now offering this bundle as well.

Sony has now revealed that First Edition bundles will also get some of the bonuses contained in the Launch Bundle.

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SoundGamer  +   1471d ago
Wow. Sony should offer something more for those who get the First Edition bundle.
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Coltrane_C  +   1471d ago
i preordered the First Edition Bundle and I am stunned Right now
Sev  +   1471d ago
I'm guessing they will, otherwise, they've just made their First Edition bundle worthless aside from the fact you get it a week early.
Ddouble  +   1471d ago
They upgraded the First Edition Bundle too.
iXenon  +   1471d ago
I guess I know where I'm getting my Vita from...
remanutd55  +   1471d ago
o_O i wanted to be part of the launch party at the playstation lounge in new york city but this bundle is too good to let it pass lol
SoundGamer  +   1471d ago
I'm hoping that this isn't only an Amazon exclusive. Also, I wish that the Wi-Fi only version would get some love too. Early adopters should get more perks and more options from different retailers.

C'mon Sony!
Jio  +   1471d ago
Well...time to cancel my Gamestop pre-order...

Edit: Wait a minute, I went on Amazon and you can't even get the 3G PS Vita...
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ThatMiamiGuy  +   1471d ago
I assume you live in Canada? If you do, then the 3G version isn't available there.

You can get it in the U.S. though.
Jio  +   1471d ago
I live in the U.S...look for it on Amazon, you won't find it...
ThatMiamiGuy  +   1471d ago

It's there. Check the link in the article. Also you can find it under the "Video Games" tab in Amazon.
SoundGamer  +   1471d ago
Yeah, I found it. It's there.
Jio  +   1471d ago
Found it...never mind...
Ionvein  +   1471d ago
I pre-ordered the Wifi version and it seems that there are no bundles or deals for it, a shame that those of us who don't want the 3G/Wifi Vita don't get any deals.
despair  +   1471d ago
sad thing is I would actually like the 3g but can't get it in my country so its even worse for me.
Ionvein  +   1471d ago
That sucks, I wanted the early release bundle (get the game a week early) but the fact that it was 3G/Wifi only and the bundle came out to be more expensive then buying the Wifi Vita + Memory Card + and a good game compared to what they were offering.
despair  +   1471d ago
can only get the free game after redeeming the AT&T data plan thing, so that means its all useless to me and anyone else not anywhere in AT&Ts coverage :( Well was gonna get the Wifi anyways (got it preordered) so I guess I'll stick with that.
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Hx3KinG  +   1471d ago
Thats what you get when you DON'T preorder straight away, for a console launch you should always give it time for pricing, info, bundles etc. to kick in.
despair  +   1471d ago
well considering with Amazon it takes nothing to preorder and they always give you an upgrade if they changed the deal as well as the lowest price ever listed since you preordered, like if there was a day they decided to reduce the pre-ordered item by 5 bucks and the raise it the next (it has happened more than once), then pre-ordering early has its advantages.

In fact anyone who preordered just the 3g model got it upgraded to this and even if they didn't you could cancel it and preorder again in about 1 minute flat. Wow I said preorder alot.
Hx3KinG  +   1471d ago
lol. yeah your right but for people who may have ordered there first ed. bundle from store who may want cash there and then, they would obviously be losing out!
despair  +   1471d ago
true, I make it a rule not to pay to pre-order anything and Amazon helps a lot with that.
GirlyGamer  +   1471d ago
actually Amazon automatically updated the orders of those who ordered the 3g/wifi model to this model. The first edition bundle also gets these benefits. But i only want the wifi model so this sucks for me. I'm happy for everyone else though.
frankiebeans  +   1471d ago
looking desperate much? never a good sign when youre giving away things to get people to bite on something thats not out yet and cant just succeed on its own name alone. I think if it does what the wiiu does or what the psp did before the wiiu was even a thought (people forget that they hacked a psp and got it to play lair threw remote play along time ago and are giving the wiiu all this praise for being "something new") but anyway if they start showing some cool interaction with the ps3 im sure people would buy it more. I say this because thats what im waiting for and im sure im not the only one.
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moparful99  +   1471d ago
No pre-orders for the vita are tearing up the charts.. Its the most pre-ordered item at best buy's website right now.. I'm willing to be that amazon has had alot of preorders on the vita as well.. Unwarranted speculation only leads to mis information
frankiebeans  +   1471d ago
well you dont give things away for free if everything is going as well as they would like. im not trying to bash it i hope it succeeds its just not appealing to me as of right now, im not looking for a portable because i have a tablet but i would buy it if it can be used like a wiiu so im waiting. not to mention i got screwed on buying at launch this gen...5 x360's died ps3 was $800 psp only ever bought 1 game for it (twisted metal...and it came with the spiderman movie lol) and wii was not worth standing outside in the rain at the nintendo store for 10hrs older now and have learned my lesson.
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TheGamingArt  +   1471d ago
* face palm * idgit fanboy
ksense  +   1471d ago
why do you see all these pre order deals on games from all these retailers that offer 20$ credit when you buy it new in the first week. it is to get people to bite early rather than wait and pick up. there is nothing desperate about it like you say..... sony has a lot of games lined up first party and third party and they would want people to buy the systems early so the games that come out during launch have decent sales. you don't want people waiting for the nintendo like price drop before they jump in which I am sure will not happen in the first year like many people are hoping for.

it just makes business sense. the more people that buy early the faster the word spreads out and more people are inclined to buy it. apparently everybody that has had hands on with it have nothing but positive things to say about it.
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frankiebeans  +   1471d ago
well when you go from having no bonus in pre-order to having a bonus couple months later then months later adding more to sweeten the deal because they are not seeing the pre-order sales they would like its never a good thing, I know how these things work you dont give things away free if you dont have to...and again im not trying to bash it but im not one to be proven wrong and if you call crappy battery life and too big to fit in your pocket positive well more power to you but you made me go there lol all ive herd is it has a really nice screen....
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Half-Mafia  +   1471d ago
So that must mean every consoles out right now isnt doing well. Because they all have bundles.
CAP1KILLIFE  +   1471d ago
why play know that hes talking about launch, its business its just how it works. Having bundles later in the life cycle is normal. having to revise your bundle 3 times before launch to try to make it look better is not a good sign.
TheGamingArt  +   1471d ago
Canceled old pre order... pre ordered this. The fact that it's the 3G model with the 8 gig memory card alone makes it worth the price. The free game is just icing on the cake :p
Smashbro29  +   1471d ago
Even if you didn't want 3G this is the best deal hands-down.
TacoTaru  +   1471d ago
I guess they just aren't selling as many 3G versions as they though they would. I saw some recent sales figures for Japan where the Psp outsold the Vita for the week I saw. I cancelled my Amazon pre-order knowing that Sony would need to do something if they wanted to have a great launch month. I'll wait a little longer. I wants it but after the price drop on the 3DS I'm not going to let my emotions make me buy it on day one.
frankiebeans  +   1471d ago
yep its the smart thing to do, if they do have a $170 $200 psv i would gladly pickone up sooner then i normally would.

BTW i was a 85 blm tru ffxi a long time ago favorite mmo ever.
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