PS Vita Playable in All GAME and Gamestation Stores in UK

Sony has announced that starting from today, the PS Vita will be playable in all GAME and Gamestation stores throughout the UK.

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-Mika-2487d ago

omg you guys are so lucky. I wish sony would do something like this with gamestop.

FriedGoat2486d ago

I went to mine yesterday and had a go, they'd just had it delivered but said they weren't getting the games until today, it was awesome, im jealous just stuck here with my crappy 3DS.

JakemanPS319942486d ago

According to jeff rubenstien; gamestop, sony style, and bestbuy will be getting ton of the now. Maybe they will have them up by sometime this week.

chanto232486d ago

The gamestop i go to (Puerto Rico) received their demo kit yesterday and let me tell you it's awesome, i played Uncharted's demo, but the game that impressed me the most was Virtua Tennis, the game ran at 60 fps and look ultra clear, the vita is lighter than the psp and thinner, not as big as some sites make it out to be. 3 people other than me pre-ordered right there after seeing it. Can't wait!!!

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bub162486d ago

i bet its not where i live :( we were 6 years behind getting broadband!!!

MasterCornholio2486d ago

I hope they do the same here in Spain but I doubt it.


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The story is too old to be commented.