Treyarch Working on Next-Gen Call of Duty? – Sledgehammer Looking for ‘Mod Community Experience’

MP1st - A new job listing suggests that Treyarch has next-gen tools, and is looking for potential employees with next-gen experience. Sledgehammer, on the other hand, is looking for mod community experience.

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Criminal2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

It's funny, they prefer candidates with mod experience even though latest CoD games don't have mod tools.

princejb1342362d ago

activision should let us create our own maps
oh wait never mind they'll probably ban us for creating maps better than theirs

MidnightSpecial2362d ago

I think it's fairly safe to assume that most developers, especially the big ones, are currently working on next-gen offerings...

MrGunny942362d ago

I'm still hoping they use the same engine in the next gen.. .then we can guarantee that CoD is dead in next gen

GraveLord2362d ago

You'd love that wouldn't you?
It would give you an actual reason to hate COD.

brodychet2361d ago

Ugh. Who cares. The graphics are fine. If you guys don't like it, don't buy it.. I really don't see why all the people hating on this game invest so much time. Everyone knows Activision is a Glutton to be reckoned with, and I'm sure everyone'll be more than surprised if they add any major innovation. So let's stop the obnoxious bs.

Everyone already knows.

hiredhelp2362d ago

I nearly disagreed there till read the end part bubble voted.

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