Q&A: Tecmo's Kikuchi On Taking Rygar To Wii

What goes in to porting an existing game to the Wii? At the recent Tokyo Game Show, Gamasutra spoke to Tecmo's Team Tachyon executive producer Keisuke Kikuchi about bringing Rygar to the Wii, the process of developing a new game based on the stage designs and story of a previous version, and the key issues to keep in mind.

Gamasutra: How does developing an action-adventure game on the Wii differ from from developing on a traditional console, and are there key things you need to keep in mind?

Keisuke Kikuchi: This doesn't just apply to action-adventure games -- it applies to pretty much any kind of game -- I see a lot of games are being destroyed just because they try to force the Wii controller to the existing game. It's not working together. They think that just because they have to use the Wii controller, they'll force it into the game concept, thus destroying the game concept.

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