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redDevil872513d ago

Looked pretty good IMO.

Doesn't look like it will keep people engaged for a long time though.

Solid_Snake372513d ago

Yeah! hahahahahahaah, do you know what i didnt see? A RPG game.

BillytheAlien2513d ago

Loos will be played on for like a month or so and people will then get bored of it and go back to the fully focused online games, COD, Battlefield, Halo for example

Could of put all those resources into the single player team Bioware so they would of been able to make the ME3 world even bigger.

MoreRPG2513d ago

looks cool its kinda like a horde mode

Sigmarue2513d ago

The European date on this had me thinking it wasn't due out until September.

Rampaged Death2513d ago

Looks so much better than I expected. Thank god it's nothing to do with the single player.

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