More to come from Burnout Paradise demo

PS3 Attitude reveals that there's more to the Burnout Paradise demo than meets the eye.

Much like the GT5: Prologue demo that was released recently for the PS3, the Burnout Paradise demo will receive online updates between now and launch.

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MaximusPrime3840d ago


it is over a month away so new update will keep us playing.

Korosuke3840d ago

I want save function in the demo.

Skerj3840d ago

Amen to that, or at least the ability to skip that 30 second cutscene everytime you start the game and just jump into the car.

Skerj3840d ago

I noticed this in the demo last night when you go into the News, Atomika said they were adding more challenges. I hope they add showtime mode or some races for online play :D

Anego Montoya FTMFW3840d ago

i want SHOWTIME mode.


va_bank3840d ago

I thought I was really sick of Burnout series by now, but after playing the demo... I'm IN! That was great. Wonder how online is going to be.

I liked the old traffic check mode, but this one is even better - it finally feels like your hitting other cars, not cardboard boxes. I hope they have the cop-chase mode like they did on the PSP version.

Definately a buy for me. The only thing I don't like is the lighting. Does anyone else thing the sunshine is kind of dull? Kind of like when there's very bright sun, but it's shining through a very thin layer of clouds? Maybe that's just me. This should tie me over until MGS and GTA

GIJeff3840d ago

there is some pollution in paradise city...(refering to the lighting).

also, to play online, press the right button on your Dpad