Resident Evil 6 – What would Leon look like if he ditched his 1998 haircut?

Official PlayStation Magazine UK find out what Leon S. Kennedy would look like if he ditched the circa '98 curtains.

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jonboi242428d ago

Like an older Beiber.....

Pozzle2428d ago

Lol. I like his 1998 floppy haircut. :D

wenaldy2428d ago

I dont like his haircut (haircut, not person), its so cheesy even by 1998 standard..

ninjahunter2428d ago

Haha, now i done feel as bad about his aged look, knowing how bad he could look.

TronEOL2428d ago

Yeah, his haircut WOULD look fantastic next to outrageously ugly haircuts. How about... You know, a normal short-medium haircut? Or maybe a more modern version of his old haircut? (which does exist, btw)

Not saying his current haircut is bad. Just saying that article chose THE worst possible test photos, ever.

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