13 things Final Fantasy XIII-2 has over XIII

PS3 Attitude: "To celebrate the international release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 next week, we thought we’d take a look at what the latest title has that its predecessor doesn’t, and why gamers and Final Fantasy fans everywhere should be excited."

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NewMonday2513d ago

i just hate the return of random encounters, i like knowing when i fight and what enemy, now its back to running in circles like an idiot.

killerhog2513d ago

that was the best part of FF, true to the originals. i love the random encounters, kept you on your feet with your guard up.

Wintersun6162513d ago

You have time to run away from the enemies.

kma2k2513d ago

Im going to get this on relase day...but sadly im not really excited about this. Im planning on playing Neverdead first then moving on to FF, Im as hardcore of a FF fan as it comes but im loosing the love. Im more looking forward to Amaleur the FF & that is really really sad!

KeybladeMaster2513d ago

Why are gaming sites pushing this game so hard?

Tanir2513d ago

Wow no Ranma01 comments yet? must be playing the game secretly, he paid 800$ for pre release copy and is loving the hell out of it, then when he comes onto this site forr some air he will say how horrible it is, then run back and start foaming at the mouth again whispering "Seraaaah, Seraaaaah"

ahhhh run on sentences :D