UFC Undisputed 3 Sonnen v Bisping Fight Simulation Video (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "THQ has just released a new Sonnen v Bisping fight simulation video."

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rizzo-rizzo2518d ago

2 big mouths going to clash this Saturday. Hope Sonnen wins since he can actually back up his words. Give him more room to stir the pot & draw attention to the sport.

BX812518d ago

Hells yeah, Sonnen all the way! I got Rashad as well as maia.

Euthanasia782517d ago

I see it going like this. Sonnen rushes out like a madman, pushes Bisping to the cage. Dirty boxes him, takes him down. over and over. I do not see Bisping stopping these takedowns. Sonnen is going to smother him like a blanket he never wanted. Then He's going to grab the mic and tell Anderson Silva he sucks. Just my opinion.