Rayman Origins Vita – Specific Features and Screenshots Revealed, No Multiplayer

Ubisoft has revealed two new features of the PlayStation Vita version of its 2D platformer with animated-style graphics, Rayman Origins. Unfortunately, they also revealed that a feature in the console version won’t make it into the Vita version of the game.

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sinncross2461d ago

There is not even adhoc MP?

What the...

fabod862461d ago

well said man...
it would have been awesome with it :(

Venox20082461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Oh man, first 3DS version, now Vita.. what UBI are smokin'? still I want 3DS version, I want to see what this beautiful games will look in 3D

MasterCornholio2460d ago

This completly sucks. But still it's a pretty good game and due to its colorful art style it will look amazing on the Vita because of its OLED screen.


moparful992460d ago

I'm torn..I really want to get escape plan with my dl voucher that I'm getting with my preorder but this game is starting to make me think otherwise... What should I do :/