Wii U controller will support near-field communication

The official presentation of the output indicators (financial results) Nintendo Wii has brought news about the U. According to the conference coordinated by Satoru Iwata, the controller of the video game will feature support for near-field communications - or near-field communication (NFC) - a system of data exchange and wireless connections between two devices.

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Tanir2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Wii-U controller will be about 200$ for a replacement.

Hope no one rages and throws their controller in Ninja gaiden 3 lmao

and ofcourse im making that number up, but if a ps3 controller is 55, then the wii u controller is definatly at LEAST 100 bucks

darthv722514d ago

nintendo engineers the 3ds with the circle pad as some type of alternate wii-u controller. It may not have the exact same hardware but it could be adapted to offer similar interactivity.

We already know there will be direct wifi communications between the wii-u and 3ds. It will be significantly more improved than the simple link the current ds and wii have now.

I am really interested to see just how far the range of communications can go.

zerocrossing2514d ago

Lol so true! Im surprised Nintendo is taking such a pricey step this gen with that tabtroller thing, certainly not the more cost efficient one they had last gen :/

GribbleGrunger2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

is it just me or is this sounding more and more like the Vita/PS3 combo every day? another feature that the Vita already has. remote play (check), virtual window (check), communication between devices (check). i see absolutely nothing yet than differentiates it from the Vita/PS3 combo.

this is worth considering, please don't just assume it's said out of bitterness or fanboyism. i want Nintendo and Sony to drive the next gen. i know they'll be lots of 'first day', 'i want' and 'must have' but it took me three years before i bought a PS3 because i'm not that easily lead

zerocrossing2514d ago

I get what you're saying, but if Wii U was lacking these features it would be even worse. Maybe they have more to show...

GribbleGrunger2514d ago

i hope so. this industry will be much safer with Nintendo and Sony at the helm. and now that Nintendo are finally giving us a console for the HD generation, it could be a pretty interesting next 5 years.

darthv722514d ago

remote play is still limited to the content on the ps3. We dont know exactly how game transfers work on the wii-u but it has been shown that the game can be transferred to the wii-u controller to continue playing.

PS vita remote play you are limited by speed of the link between the ps3 and the vita. It will be better than current remote play but not to the level of actually downloading the ps3 game into the vita to continue playing.

For that the best example are games that are available to be played on both. Like PSN minis or PS1 games. I can play the same game on the console or the handheld but they are using different save files of course.

The vita will expand on that so if you are playing a game that has save features, save it to the cloud, then pick up where you left off on either the ps3 or vita. That idea I like. I use that feature on the 360. I like playing a game downstairs and when the wife wants to watch tv....i go upstairs to the other 360 and continue my game from the cloud save.

That will be real handy for gaming on the go.

GribbleGrunger2514d ago

good points there, Darth. i just think it's a perfect opportunity for Sony to steal Nintendo's thunder. all they have to do is approach those devs making a WiiU game and ask them if they can make those features available to the PS3/Vita combo too. i'm talking multiplat games here. of course those games that are made only for the WiiU will never be available to PS3 fans... and that's my main concern really. Nintendo need to make sure that third parties don't just offer shovelware and actually make games specifically for the Nintendo console.

kneon2514d ago

Well it will be a lot cheaper than a Vita, not including the Wii U. It had better be or Nintendo is screwed.

kneon2514d ago

I don't get the need for NFC in a controller. NFC is used for very small amounts of data transmitted over distances of typically a few centimeters or less.

So all I can think of is something like NFC tags embedded in toys, cards etc. that would be scanned and cause something to appear/happen in game.