Uncharted 3: How to correct the Trophy Sync Error in multiplayer

El33tonline writes:

"I really love you Naughty Dog - you gave me what I believe to be one of the best game franchises ever created, you gave me a witty half-tucked Nathan Drake, and you gave me hours of entertainment in three awesome adventures.

There is, however, a flip side to this coin. Because you also gave me frustration at not being able to log in to multiplayer matches, disappointment at missing playing online with my friends, and anger that this issue has not yet been resolved."

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Drekken2511d ago

I have never had problems with logging into Uc3 Multiplayer. The only gripe I have is when I am in a party, which is every time I play, the game likes to split the party. Either I don't make it in or my teammates don't make it in.

When it happens, you can't just back out. You have to wait for the game to load and reform the team. I don't understand how this isn't their #1 priority to fix.

geddesmond2511d ago

Ya know its funny how once you start seeing Sony for what they really are your opinions of there games starts to drop. For instance 2 months ago on here I was telling people UC3 was amazing. 2 months later and I can honestly say UC3 is a very pretty looking game with an ok story and a very buggy unbalanced Multiplayer mode.

Uncharted 1 was a great original new IP. UC2 blew everyone out of the water, UC3 only deserves the best Graphics gotys its been getting and ND are not a brilliant development team, they just got lucky with UC2 and their understanding of the PS3