Sony Sends Out Apples to Promote Gravity Daze

Andraisang: 4Gamer received a Gravity Daze promotional box from Sony today. Outside of the box was the message "You will control gravity for the first time."

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Cloudberry2245d ago

The apples represents Newton's "Law of Gravity".

Apple falling from the tree.

tarbis2245d ago

Sony's breaking that law with Gravity Daze. LOL!

NewMonday2245d ago

looks to be the best Sony Japan game since Shadow of the Colossus.

Sony needs to make more Japanese games of this quality

Ultr2245d ago

This video is gorgeous! seriously, this is awesomeness on the highest grade!

Undeadwolfy2245d ago

Wow this is very impressive. The game looks very different. I'll be sure not to give this one a miss when I get my Vita. And what Newmonday said, it looks to be the best game since SotC for Studio Japan.

GodHandDee2245d ago

High quality creative commercials = win

Razongunz2245d ago

i'm so getting the vita she has! O.o