Legend of Grimrock Developer Adds UI Tweak to Help a Disabled Fan

Legend of Grimrock developers Almost Human have taken Reddit by storm. A thread started by meandertal, details how the developers quickly implemented a request from a disabled fan that would enable him to play the game easier.

Rich (also known as, HarpoonIPA) posted a comment on the developer blog asking if Grimrock will have "old school movement with a click of the mouse on the arrows". Much like what can be found in Dungeon Master games from the "Amiga and Atari ST".

"I’m disabled and use a mouth stick for typing, I always used the mouse in DM just easier for me, but I will learn to play you’re way."

"I didn’t see why the arrow icons couldn’t be added, so I went and added them for you. They can be enabled from settings menu. Hope you like the game!"

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