Eurogamer Reviews The Orange Box (PS3) - 8/10

Eurogamer writes:

"So, an 'eight' it is for PS3 Orange Box then, but with it, the stark reality that most of that score is attributable to the superb quality of the core Valve games rather than the shoddy conversion work which sees one game out of the five ruined, and another badly compromised. That being the case, if you own a PC, even a relatively lightweight one, that version will almost certainly be the better - and definitely cheaper - purchase."

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Real Gambler3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Could not wait when it came out, and bought the PC version. ($10 cheaper to boot). Was worrying because I kind of like the fact that console games have a better resale value than PC. (Though Valve is pretty great for that too, since I could easily give HalfLife to a friend, since I also had it already... Great job Valve). Now I'm glad I did it then.

Poor EA... Won't help selling other games in the future either.

jackdoe3844d ago

Well, you aren't technically supposed to sell PC games in the first place, something to do with EULA.

Real Gambler3843d ago

Truly, I never sold a PC game in my life! By the time I get bored with them, they are usually worth nothing, so I rather keep them, even as a coaster....

harpua3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

played this for hours on the PS3 last nite, its the same as the 360 version. framerate does drop during autosaving though.

edit: just my opinion, but having played both they are the same to me. i mean this game isn't pushing the graphical envelope to begin with either.

TheMART3844d ago

Why don't I believe you when IGN gives:

PS3 version 8.4
360 version 9.6

There will be some differences in stuff I guess.

titntin3844d ago

For once, I agree with Mart.

I like my PS3, but this is a well shoddy convertion and the 360 verison is much superior.

Good game, but if you are a multi machine owner, don't get the PS3 version.

the worst3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

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onyxbox3844d ago

i was in a shop the other day and I heard the guy behind the counter say 'i've heard there's something wrong with the graphics on the ps3 version'

... made me smile, let's hope that kind of talk hurts EA's pockets and they do a proper port next time.