The Most Comprehensive Game of the Year 2007 Accolades writes- "2007 is finally coming to an end, and it's that time of the year when Santa's little elves are busy picking the contenders for Game Year awards. 2007 has seen the biggest influx of games till date so the choices are real tough to make.

The entire chore of making separate categories also seems pretty difficult since a lot of game genres are merging by the day. So here at we don't choose one best game because frankly it's really difficult unless we be completely biased to a particular game. Instead we present a comprehensive list of games that deserve to be played and what were their individual distinct features."

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posseknife3782d ago

Whoa.. That sure is a long list. But for me, BioShock is the game of the year. I played it on the PC and thoroughly enjoyed the game. In 2006, it was Gears of War, but this year you have to give it to BioShock. What a piece of art!

octodope3782d ago

I have a PS3 and the games i loved playing were Heavenly Sword and Uncharted. But would have definitely liked to play BioShock. I think a PS3 version of BioShock would do well than the Xbox 360 version as developers would be able to fully exploit the Cell engine. I have a feeling that BioShock would come on the PS3 sometime or the other.

As for the Game of the Year, my vote would go to... Uncharted. It is an amazing game. I hope there is a sequel.