Iwata: “Highly-Anticipated” Nintendo 3DS Titles Coming, Even For U.S. And Europe

Siliconera writes, "Following a price-drop and the release of popular software, the 3DS is now at over 15 million units sold worldwide, and is continuing to sell consistently. This, says Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, has restored the confidence of third-party developers, and the result of this will be apparent in the future."

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Wenis2490d ago

I hope Animal Crossing is one of those titles. I need it asap

KeybladeMaster2489d ago

Good job on the pic being Kingdom Hearts 3D. Can't wait to play that game.

Anyone want to help me get a 3DS? :(

Why can't the game come out for Vita. I'm getting one of those.

-Mika-2489d ago

I know how you feel. I really want this game but I rather have a vita over the 3ds for alot of reasons.

Titanz2489d ago

At least they understand now.

matey2489d ago

there is no reason to get a Vita

3DS does more 4 less money alot more and 200 games in development WOW.