LittleBigIdeas for LittleBigPlanet: Could LBP Become the Weapon of Choice For Armchair 2-D Gameplay Designers?

From Level Up's N'Gai Croal:
"The slogan for LittleBigPlanet is 'Play, Create, Share', and it captures not only precisely the right elements of where games must go in the future, it lists them in the correct evolutionary order. Because if the act of creation itself isn't playful, if it isn't entertaining, then only the most motivated of people will bother to actually make anything....From Media Molecule, I'm hoping that the company will release expansions that offer two other perspectives--top-down and isometric--thereby turning LittleBigPlanet into the complete 2-D game creation tool."

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SDFm3rc3633d ago

LBP gets some decent sales when it's released. Can you imagine the embarrasing headlines if Sony makes this 5 bombs (Liar, R+c, HS and Unwanted) in a row?

Looks SO pretty too.

Baba19063633d ago

its not sony that makes them "bomb" (if you mean no first day millions sells) its the fans or xbox fanboys, who think everygame has to sel las good as halo. All games have sold ok. and are amazing fun, well havent played lair but the rest are. so no need to have any embarrasing of any kind.

ravinash3633d ago

besides, this game is an example of the Ace up the sleeve for PSN over Xbox Live.
Making content and sharing it in games like this and UT3 is what make PSN stand out from the competition...that and being free.

Panthers3633d ago

None of those games bombed besides Lair. Lair was decent too.

HarryEtTubMan3633d ago

Dude your a crackhead.. I guarantee you Heavenly Sword, Ratchet will reach 1 million in the next 2-3 months and Uncharted will a little after that. Assassins Creed and COD 4 are also getting very close. By halfway through 2008 there will be at least 7-10 MILLION sellers on the PS3. Ratchet just sold ov er 250,000 last month. THTS NOT A BOMB. I gonna laugh in your face when the all break a million (except Liar) you big dumb ape. The PS3 is gonna beat the pleasefixme. Just like the did in November and even in the latest VG charts or worldwide sales. PS3 is going very good now. I guarantee you Microsft sisnt see it coming THIS early.

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Bill Gates3633d ago

I just want to remind everyone:

I will be creating the BEST BABOON XBOT level ever. I'fve been coming up with ideas left and right, and if anyone wants to make it a joint effort with me to create an even better XBOT level you're more than welcome to send me a PM.

The level will be in HATING MEMORY of M$,RROD,$ for Online gaming, BABOON BOTS, and much much more. I figure it's the least I can do for M$ to show my appriciation for changing the gaming industry for the worst by CREATING the BABOON BOTS.....AHHAHAHAHAH

MK_Red3633d ago

This game could change the face of gaming forever. Hope it sells millions and shows everyone what the real innovation is.

rhood0223633d ago

I agree with you. I hope it sells. However, it will be tough considering the atmosphere of gaming today.

If it doesn't have blood, guns, multiplayer, or Madden, it won't sell. People don't want innovative or sublime (although I'm banking on the Wii and a handful of upcoming PS3 and 360 releases to change that). So devs create games for the lowest common denominators of society--borderline sociopaths who need to see blood or violence in order for it to be enjoyable. And if it doesn't have them, its deemed "kiddie."

I look forward to LBP simply for the creative aspect. Yet, I do not expect it to sell well. Unless they release a patch enabling blood or allow you to go on rampages while playing football.

Mu5afir3633d ago

I think your describing the Xbox 360 audience, not the Ps3s.

Kr1553633d ago

last I checked this game does have multi player coop. maybe not those otherthings but deffinatly multiplayer.

rhood0223633d ago


I was trying to be subtle, but the average 360 only audience is who I was describing.

I think it does have multiplayer elements. But I meant that games with all those things, and every Madden game, are what attract people over creative and sublime.

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DrWan3633d ago

Little Big Universe

- 3D support has been added for advance modder!

MK_Red3633d ago

That would rock BEYOND the beyond. Little worlds and planets in a huge universe.

name3633d ago

I wonder if we can create cutscenes? I dunno why, but I'd like that.

nirwanda3633d ago

you will be able to tell a story with the jpeg's you can add as backgrounds the first section for instance could be completely flat with a story to read in the background like a comic strip as an introduction to the level

THX71683633d ago

Oh sh|t! I never thought about doing that but it is possible. Great idea. Definitely going to try something like that when the game is out. Thanks for the comment. I gave you positive feedback, you deserve it.

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