Popular Mechanics Call Zune 2, Apple TV 'Worst of the Year'

Gizmodo's Adam Frucci writes:

Popular Mechanics knows how to get people pissed off. They just released their "Worst of the Year" list, and while much of it is the type of crap that I've never heard of that I'm sure is lousy. it has some stuff on it that quite a few people might actually, you know, like. Such as Apple TV, Zune 2 and Pleo. What were they thinking?

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PS360WII3747d ago

Well Apple TV is pretty bad. I think in a few years Apple will denounce they actually had a product of that name ;)

As far as the Zune I could care less for I was a conformist on the subject... I have an iPod

MK_Red3747d ago

Has anyone tried Zune 2? How does it compare to iPod nano? And how were it's sales?

Omegasyde3745d ago

I read somewhere on Cnet that Zune got alot of market share with the zune 2. But that was before that new Ipod mini(?). I will say that the Zune 2 is a blatant Ipod knockoff.

leinadem23745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

and I love it, 80 G, i can read books on it and lisening my music at the same time, the new scroller is like the touchpad in your laptop so you can move really fast trough the zune, however i have to admit that microsoft still can change and add more fetures to make the zune an outstanding device.

gEnKiE3745d ago

...thats funny. I do all of that on my IPod :)

N4Flamers3745d ago

but I want a zune2 because it uses windows media player which I like better than Itunes. Also it syncs between my 360 and computer wirelessly, it's gonna be great to have all three on the same network. I would buy an Ipod touch but 400 bucks for 16 gigs, I dont think so, if it had more gigs and if they had an unsecured network at my job I would get it.

gEnKiE3745d ago

sigh*....Microsoft, another failed product...why bother? Just drop the dam Zune. Its never going to compete with the likes of Apple and their IPod. I'll never give Microsoft that much money of mine....hell, I didn't even pay for XP... :P

PS3PCFTW3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

you gotta be a microsoft deepthroater to choose a zune over a ipod......


IPOD TOUCH>>>>>>z une2

from now on im only buying mabooks and mac minis, i hate the direction the pc market is heading......7k and you still cant play crysis on very high settings with a top of the line pc? lol, barbaric.

its macminis and macbooks from now on.

N4Flamers3745d ago

for raping your mom, or what ever they did to piss you off. personally I think the zune2 and the Ipod are about the same machine, and let me guess it's so much better to pay 400 for 16gigs instead of 250 for 80 gigs. I have listed my reasons for wanting a zune and an Ipod touch elsewhere. I just wish there was like a zunepod touch.

zapass3744d ago

1- gracing us with a never ending string of me-too products while jealously bragging loud about foreign concepts like 'creativity' and 'innovation' (and getting away with it).

2- screwing 1/3 of the idiots who jumped in while wagging the finger at sony for the 1/50 who had their ps2 refurbed (and getting away with it)

3- lying about the 360 failure rates, corrupt the gaming media into a complete foxnews farce (and getting away with it)

4- assaulting and then killing existing markets with the blessing of the free market zealots who do not see the monopolistic bully behind the competitor mask until it's too late (and getting away with it).

5- finishing off PC gaming with the docile blessing of a PC dev community that is hooked on directx (and getting away with it)

6- always be there with an uninspired me-too product for those who want to make a point like they're not followers of the me- product (and getting away with it)

7- fooling me for years into thinking that supporting a private corporation is a viable path towards a universal open gaming platform!

N4Flamers3744d ago

Microsoft does a lot of things I don't like, good example is devil may cry 4 demo is coming out, and I have a live silver account, guess I have to wait one extra week. These are all big corporations we buy our products from, and they all do shady things like apple and their prices and their banning of user created programs on the iphone, blah blah blah. You have a choice whether to buy anything or not but don't delude yourself into thinking any other company wouldn't do the same thing in Microsoft's shoes, some might make better decisions though. Even with their crappy company I still think the zune2 is a better deal than the ipod touch for me.

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Ri0tSquad3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

the interface is pretty nice and slick.

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