Megaman and Pacman Trailer and Artwork Up

With the two being hinted, Capcom just released Megaman and Pacman's artwork and trailers. They will both be exclusive along with Turo, Kuro and Cole on the Playstation 3 and PSVita

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ElliePage2399d ago

Mega Man's bullets are made up of 360 fanboy's tears.

Biohazard88602399d ago

Pacman looks awesome but megaman wtf lol

Fylus2399d ago

Megaman actually used to look pretty much like that lol. When the first Megaman game ever came out, the cover was a freaky old guy I'm blue spandex. It wasn't a choice of the developers; In fact, they HATED it. But at the time, they were desperate to get the game out and the only publisher that would do it for them had some pretty hefty rules... Anyways, yeah lol

dredgewalker2399d ago

I always hated that cover. I hated it so much that I only played the Japanese version of the games. I also don't like the name "Megaman" since the original name of the game is actually "Rockman".

Fylus2398d ago

Well at least they didn't change Roll's name ;)

Oh and I didn't realize I said "I'm" instead of "In" on my other comment. My bad. Well, actually my phones idiotic auto-correct's bad; but you know :)

Biohazard88602398d ago

O ok lmao i neer knew that :DD

Fylus2398d ago

Well now you know Megaman's terribly shocking past :P

Now go Google it... I know you want to ;)

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Axicore2399d ago

More like Megafat, AMIRITE?!

IWentBrokeForGaming2399d ago

How you can make a yellow ball all of a sudden have arms/legs and on top of that operate a mech... is so far from the true characters roots it's not even funny...

and Mega Man looks so far from what he's supposed to be it's a damn joke...

Obviously 2 characters that were randomly drawn to get thrown in... and f**ked up in the process!

Rai2399d ago

actually in a gamecube game they gave pac-man arms and legs its not all of a sudden.

Megaman is from the original US cover for the NES game.

MaxXAttaxX2399d ago

He's always had arms and legs in artwork form. And in most other games after the original Pac-man games including arcade, Super Nintendo and PS1 in-game.

sloth33952399d ago

pacman had arms and legs on the cartoon also

Fylus2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


Sorry about that.

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The story is too old to be commented.