Wii U - Nothing But A Working Title

MMGN: Wii U. What a terrible name. The crowd at E3 were in shock when Nintendo made the announcement, assuming it was some type of dad joke gone wrong.

They were serious. Wii U, Nintendo’s next console.

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Ulf2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I find it hard to believe that Nintendo would backpedal on the Wii U name, at this point.

Khordchange2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Revolution was the Wii's name for nearly 2 years.

Ulf2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

And they never announced it publically as such, either. Revolution was the Wii's codename. They didn't shout it to the world at E3.

Venox20082426d ago

I don't care what it will be called, I just want a solid console, that there weren't any errors or overheats like Xbox RROD, no problems with new controllers and no drought with games and that games were with great quality + Metroid HD, Mario HD and other great games :)

Ness-Psi2426d ago

well i remember the 16 bit era and the same consoles had different names in different regions: sega megadrive europe/japan, sega genesis usa. super famicom japan, SNES eu/usa. maybe they should go back to something like that again?

Droid Control2426d ago

The 16-bit era consoles were mainly for kids and teenagers.
Nintendo want the WiiU to appeal to casuals, moms, grandparents, etc...

Unlike the 90's Nintendo can't reply on kids to tell their parants what a SNES is and that they want one. In order to grab all the worlds attention like they did with the Wii, Nintendo need to clearly show that the WiiU is not another Wii SKU.

Thus a rebranding is ESSENTIAL at this E3 in my opinion.

yabhero2425d ago

Actually Nintendo wants the Wiiu to be a balance between core and casual...

linkratos2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System!

for short:
Ultra Nintendo
The U

linkratos2426d ago

Also having multiple Super Mario "U"niverses on the system to compliment the name would be cool