Surfer Girl: Mass Effect 2, Blizzard MMO, EA & More

The internet's favorite (In)famous spy talks about EA, Blizzard MMO and Mass Effect 2 to in this volume of Ask Surfer Girl.

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MK_Red3656d ago

Hopefully they can expand the universe and lore of the first game and make a true legacy out of ME's world. Hope universe of Mass Effect becomes a huge and known one like Star Wars and LOTR.

ddldave3656d ago

surfer girl, shut up slut.

MK_Red3656d ago

A.Why do you hate SG so much?, Do I look like Surfer Girl?

Rikitatsu3656d ago

She is getting stupid !!!! , almost everyday there is a bunch of Rumors

i don't take her words at all

rofldings3656d ago

What is there a double standard? Why is this blog approved, it's not news.

PS360WII3656d ago

Plus how is it suddenly her word is gospel? She came out of left field and everyone is bowing down to her. It's silly really.

Sorry I know this post is nothing about nothing but I had to say it.

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The story is too old to be commented.