Why Are FPS Games So Popular?

As EoN occasionally does, they have written up a comedic piece for the entertainment of others. The FPS genre is the single most popular game type out there today, why is that exactly?

"I can remember many times that I have gotten off from a job and exclaimed, “god dammit, I just want to shoot people!” Thankfully though there is a virtual platform that will allow me to do it from the safety and comfort of my couch." ~ Brendon From EoN

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DeadeyeMouse2518d ago

accessibility is certainly a huge factor.

Titanz2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Sport titles are also popular, because people enjoying scoring (no pun intended).

Every genre has its pleasure points.

tiffac0082518d ago

Easy game mechanics to get into.

byeGollum2518d ago

simplicity. No lengthy dialogue, cut scenes, grinding etc. Just pure action, and you get the satisfaction quickly.