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Trendy Gamers: After investing a good chunk of time into the Gotham City Impostors beta, I can safely say that it is a lot of fun and has tons of potential. The beta wasn’t without its issues though, but if they manage to fix the big issue I found, it could end up being the next Team Fortress 2.

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t0mmyb0y2516d ago

I can't seem to stay connected to a game, or it just searches for other players forever :( other than that, the training level seems like it's pretty cool.

TrendyGamers2516d ago

When I managed to get into a game, I never got booted out, but it is the beta, so stuff like this is bound to happen.

Parapraxis2516d ago

You guys should go and give feedback, that's the point of having betas.

(BTW t0mmyb0y that is an awesome avatar)

t0mmyb0y2515d ago

haah Thanks. It's been my avatar everywhere since I first started watching TPB's. First 5 seasons are on Netflix to btw.

Blaine2516d ago

I haven't played it nearly enough yet to judge it, but the little I played I did enjoy. It's a lot faster to kill than I expected it would be. I'd often get OHKed out of nowhere. But I also managed to get some really good multi-kills while being shot at, so you can take a few shots too. I'm gonna go play some more now, get a better opinion!

TrendyGamers2516d ago

The more you level up, the more health you get so those OHKO will go away after awhile.

Blaine2516d ago

Oh that's not fair! Like how high a level are we talking about? Because I'm level FOUR now! :P I only played 2 games...

TrendyGamers2516d ago

I noticed it around level 5. So, one more match should do it!

Blaine2516d ago

I'll be sure to play at least one more match then! Thanks for spending 2 of your 3 bubbles to reply to me, by the way! Hopefully I can help get you some more by voting you up...

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2516d ago

I'm having a blast with this game. Didn't know a thing about it until this beta, they just picked up a buyer in me. It's cod with batman, no gay rob bowling and Xbox ass kissing to ruin it. This is definitely going into my shopping cart when it releases.