AMD official with ATI R680, RV620, and RV635 GPU cores

Engadget writes:

"AMD just took the wraps of their ATI R680, RV620, and RV635 graphics cores. The new R680 consists of two 55-nm processor cores with CrossFireX support sharing the same specifications of the RV670 processor at the heart of their Radeon HD 3870 -- thought to be AMD's best product of the year. The RV620 and RV635 GPU cores are nearly identical to their RV610 and RV630 processors only in a new 55-nm form. Now, imagine if you will a pair of ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 (R680) cards running in CrossFire. Or say four with CrossFireX. Feels good, right? You won't have to wait much longer as the R680 hits in January."

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skagrerrrr3600d ago

of the tunnel for AMD/ATI. Cross your fingers!

Jen5en3600d ago

I'm sincerily hoping that AMD and ATI will make a comeback, a monopoly consisting of Intel, nVidia and Microsoft won't work in anyone's favor. Remember, we're capitalists not commies; competition is the way to go.

Silvia0073600d ago

requiring it's own 240volt power line... no.

SuperSaiyan43599d ago

Nvidia is launching the new Geforce 9 series in January as well! AMD need to seriously catch up as Intel and Nvidia always seem to be around 1-2 steps infront.

If Intel and Nvidia were to join that would mean serious trouble.