IGN - Sony Speaks Out on its Relationship With Insomniac

IGN - Earlier today, Insomniac Games, the studio that developed the likes of Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank and most recently Resistance, revealed that it would not be doing another Resistance game.

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-Mezzo-2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

As 1 of the biggest "Resistance" fan, this has been a very "Sad Day" for me.

Well, Good Luck to "Insomniac" with their future titles.

Bioshocking2490d ago

Well, this probably has to do with them and their partnership with EA...

Man... I wish Insomniac would have left Sony with a bigger bang than R3 and R&C A41

Anyways, best of luck to them with overstrike and whatever new ideas they come up with...

Just expect it to have some gun that makes us scratch our heads and say epic win at the same time

Remember these commercials ?

TotalHitman2490d ago

They're still making more R&C games.

PaPa-Slam2490d ago

This was inevitable, Sales are way too important to them & not the satisfaction that they made a wonderful game.

I saw the End of this series, the day they went Multiplatform.

Don't be surprised if Ratchet & Clank is cancelled next.

SoapShoes2490d ago

Uh keep telling yourself that. If Ratchet is cancelled, it's only because Insomniac are making a new series for Sony.

Although I did see Resistance's end.

Nodoze2490d ago

You do realize that there could be 100 new Ratchet and Resistance games as Sony not Insomniac owns the rights to these. This was one of the primary reasons why Insomniac went multiplatform. They wanted to own their own IP, and they wanted to sell to the broadest audience.

Personally I think they are making a huge mistake, and it could be one that costs them dearly.

ssb31732490d ago

I'm really going to miss the resistance series, it was so good. Lets just hope that what they do next is just as good, if not better than ever.

remanutd552490d ago

there is a new Resistance title coming to the vita and its not being developed by Insomniac , just saying you know

Brosy2490d ago

Sony still has plenty of studios to fall back on. Resistance ,regardless of what some would say, was a generic shooter. There are plenty of other world class shooters to choose from.

GraveLord2490d ago

Insomniac was never owned by Sony. They didn't really lose anything. This gen, Insomniac was put out few quality games. All Sony "lost" is future exclusive games from Insomniac.

PamPoovey2490d ago

All I have to say is this

If Overstrike fails you Insomniac, don't go crying back to Sony, look at NT theory with HS and then they're MP game Enslaved....sales aren't everything you know, it's not like you were going to go out of business, Resistance 3 was still a fantastic game.

Octo12490d ago

You make it sound like Insomniac decision was some kind of a slight to Sony and it's fans. At the end of the day it's a business decision.
Bioware did it, Valve did it. It's business. Developing games has gotten a lot more expensive as everyone knows and when you know that there are other potential source of revenue you have to do what you have to do.
Insomniac never left Sony. They just went multiplat. They can again decide to go exclusive with Sony.

specialguest2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I'm anticipating future hate from fake fans. If you(generally speaking) were truly a fan of Insomniac, you would wish them the best and continue to support them during high times as well as low times.

As history have shown, not every Insomniac game is going to be golden. R2 was a good game, but in many peoples opinion, didn't live up to R1. Now imagine if Insomniac went multiplatform during that year, and R2 as we know it was their first multiplatform game. I'm sure the hate would spew out of control.

If Overstrike turns out to be an average game, I wouldn't be surprise. In addition, I'm not going to blame it on their decision to go multiplatform. In my opinion, had Overstrike been a PS3 exclusive, it would have still remained the same game at it's core.

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