PS3 Version of MLB 12: The Show Hampered by PS Vita Development

The Vita version of MLB 12: The Show was developed by the same team that worked on the PS3 version - and that means some sacrifices were made in the process.

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sinncross2515d ago

They seemed to have added some decent updates to this years edition.

Not sure how new grass pattersn or a lighting update is a big miss. Not sure about hte franchise overhaul though.

Anyhow, I think a PSV version early in the PSV life cycle is a good move.

tarbis2515d ago

I hope they're not rushing it.

a_bro2515d ago

thats why they have to make a seperate team for next year.

SoapShoes2515d ago

I find this unfounded to take it way out of context like this. MLB The Show has always shared platforms with the PS2 and PSP... It's nothing new and they added quite a lot to MLB 12. Some minor graphical changes don't really bother me.

nevin12515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

The problem I have with this notion is the Show hasn't change since the reboot(MLB The Show 06) and this qoute is BS.

"The PS3 version of the game has more features this year than last year. Vita development only stopped us from doing another major lighting update, a major franchise overhaul, and new grass patterns for the most part."

Yea right right. I doubt they would of done a major overhaul. And I personally don't see more PS Move support as having more features.