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Official PlayStation and gameplayer writer Mark Serrels has weighed in on the Jeff Gerstmann incident with his experiences of review 'bribery'... or lack thereof.

"The fact of the matter is that reviews are extremely subjective. If you don't agree with them fine, but calling out all professional reviewers as corrupt money-hatting prostitutes because of one isolated incident is simply wrong."

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ravinash3813d ago

They work for a company, the company needs to make money, the money comes from the ads, the ads come from the developers, the developers are the ones making the games that the reviews have to review.
So of course if someone gives a bad review for your game, then you won't want to give them money.
there is a logic to that, but we know it isn't always the only need to look at lair to know that reviews don't always give the reviews the devs were hoping for.

Chubear3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Editorial reveiwers are just PR group's puppets. If the price is right, it'll alter a game's rating or it's competitors rating.

If gamers can't see this and actually think the incident with gamespot was a one off and an isolated incident then we as a community have been become trully overly naive & gullible and that is why PR Groups & the gaming media have us by the balls cause they know no matter what we say, we are sheep to reviews and if they give a game deserving of a 9 an 8 nobody will even question it.

And everybody knows (or should know) that a game with an 8 rating will sell more than a game with a 7.9 rating even though it's just 0.1 difference. So will a 9 rated game sell way more than an 8 rated game. Reviewers know this all too well and use it to their advantage.

All editorial gaming sites follow similar business modules to gamespot. They have to do it to compete and get exclusives to get more traffic and with more traffic comes more ad dollars. Any one not seeing the whole editorial review ratings are corrupt across ALL gaming sites is jsut foolish.

THis isn't some conspiracy theory, it's just plain common sense when you look at what's happening in the industry and the gaming media.

Enigma_20993813d ago

Is that when I see game reviews that I really don't agree with, it's gonna make me think a little harder about it.

The only people I'm "calling out" are Gamespot, Eidos, And Cnet... because it STILL looks like Gerstmann got fired over his Kane and Lynch review, and they haven't done a very good job of convincing anyone otherwise.

rmedtx8883813d ago

"calling out all professional reviewers as corrupt money-hatting prostitutes because of one isolated incident is simply wrong."

I'm sure a lot of the reviewers are not like that but after seeing reviews like the Ratchet and Clank from Gamespot it makes you wonder if those reviewers are doing what they suppose to do or if they are being... Well...corrupt money-hatting prostitutes.

Certain companies are known for bribing other companies. What they are doing is creating an environment of lies and corruption. I don't visit Gamespot anymore. I will not support a company that has no integrity.

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