New Silver Playstation 3 and Platinum Range system bundle revealed

A new system bundle, containing a silver-colored Playstation 3 as well as three Platinum Range titles, have been revealed by online retailer, Amazon France.

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Yi-Long2362d ago

... although personally I would have preferred some other games, but obviously for many this will be a very good selection.

Also a shame they didn't include the new release of GT5 which comes with the DLC.

Solid_Snake372362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

o.0 look at that PS3!!!!!

...gotta start saving up!

Me-Time2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

"Also a shame they didn't include the new release of GT5 which comes with the DLC."

That would suck if they don't include all the updates and DLC. I'm thinking the Platinum GT5 will come with it, though. It doesn't seem like all available countries are going to be getting GT5 Spec 2, so that's why I'm assuming the Platinum version will contain all the updates and DLC.

kma2k2362d ago

damn $400.00us is expensive considering right now its $249.00 over here.

Yi-Long2362d ago

.... but sadly, here in Europe gaming simply costs quite a bit more than it does for gamers in the USA.

The difference between the USA price for the PSVita and the Euro price is also quite big I believe.

GribbleGrunger2362d ago


America: $249
UK: £230

the exchange rate doesn't seem to factor in an ymore over here

xflo3602362d ago

So it's official! The ps4 is on its way!

sikbeta2362d ago

out? hope so, I want new consoles :D

stunkilla2362d ago

how about they bring over the ps3 with the nice destine on it like ff13-2 one piece tales of xilla and much more!

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