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No video for Doom 4 yet, because...

Doom 4 announced in 2008, but still not published even a screenshot. Why? (Doom 4, iD Software, John Carmack, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Legionaire2005  +   1212d ago
I thought Carmack said that he would talk more about Doom 4 after Rage release. Well its been 4 months now and still no news.
Voxelman  +   1212d ago
E3 7th Jun 2012

Pax East April

Quakecon August 2

Pax Prime September

Those are the dates where you will see Doom 4
ATi_Elite  +   1212d ago
No video for Doom 4 yet, because...
Carmack is still trying to patch up RAGE!

You can see texture pop ins ten minutes after you turn the game off!

I kinda wish they let Unreal make Doom 4. Cliffy B would take Doom 4 to a superior level of game play while holding true to what made Doom fantastic.
Vynzent  +   1212d ago
-_- they would destroy Doom.

Kleptic  +   1211d ago
^^did you even play doom 3? Im pretty sure no one could screw up the franchise more than they already did.
ZippyZapper  +   1211d ago
Kleptic how did they screw up Doom 3?
Vynzent  +   1210d ago
Of course I played Doom3, I'm a true idSoftware fan. However, unlike alot of people, I didn't sit and whine about how the monsters were remade, I didn't whine about not having an outdoors world, and I didn't whine about the darkness.

I gibbed and I kicked ass, and I enjoyed the game.

Of course, I'm glad Doom4 is moving away from Doom3, but I will never say I didn't like Doom3.
Sony360  +   1211d ago
I didn't even know it was announced until last week.
Krakn3Dfx  +   1211d ago
He also said there would be substantial Rage DLC.

John Carmack - sayin' things
t0mmyb0y  +   1211d ago
It will be announced when it's ready to be announced. Patience grasshopper.
starchild  +   1212d ago
I know. We need some Doom 4 news bad.
Brosy  +   1212d ago
No kidding. Can't wait to see if we get a next-gen Cyberdemon.
Pwnage18202  +   1211d ago
those guys are creepy shit!!!! they are extremely hard to kill!!!! BUT ITS SOOO FUNN
h311rais3r  +   1212d ago
Cuz carmacks a fool
Bloodraid  +   1211d ago
I hate how people like you sit there and call him a fool when he's one of the main reasons that gaming is anything like it is today.
Vynzent  +   1210d ago
Skizelli  +   1212d ago
Why not just submit the original source?
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1212d ago
with the graphical pop-in eyesore that RAGE became, I hope they go back to the drawing board and really give DOOM 4 their all... because if RAGE was given their all, the DOOM franchise is going to hurt bad!
vallencer  +   1212d ago
I was hoping you'd go for the obvious pun and say doom was doomed.....im a little sad haha
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1212d ago
Lmfao... I had it typed up, but then backspaced it all away! the laughs that could've been? lol
MasterD919  +   1212d ago
I think that RAGE might have given them a second thought about showing off Doom 4 right away...maybe they are sprucing it up a bit. I really hope they plan on an E3 announcement otherwise it could be in development hell.

I can't stand games that take years to develop like this and there really isn't any actual progress (i.e. release dates or details). We'll see Half-Life 3 before Doom 4.
Pwnage18202  +   1211d ago
Im willing to bet that half life 3 will come after Doom 4
SleazyChimp  +   1211d ago
It's pretty simple. Their waiting on the next gen announcement. I believe Carmack said in a different interview a while back that Doom 4 was a next gen game. When MS drops the curtain later this year, I'll bet we start to see some info.
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MasterD919  +   1211d ago
Well in Rage there was a sign for Doom 5 and RAGE 2...Giving the impression that Doom 4 is near.

Like a lot of gamers, I thought that this game would arrive this gen but it seems as if Carmack doesn't even know. What on earth were they talking about for the last 2-3 years regarding this game if they haven't been working on anything solid?

Seems more to me like they are really trying to hone in on what this game should be, rather than what platform it will land on.
Omega Zues  +   1212d ago
Alas, we continue to wait.
TeaDouble_E  +   1212d ago
Really liked Doom 3, hope this one doesn't turn out like Rage did.
Steadyhndz  +   1212d ago
I really can't believe this article for several reasons...
1: An interview isn't 3 questions...too short to be called an interview
2: JC has never discussed any recent interviews
3: It just doesn't seem to be all that realistic
Doom_Collector  +   1211d ago
* I have more questions in this interview.

* Source is there: http://www.merlininkazani.c...

* This is my interview request and John's responses:


Do you know who I'm? I think you should give careful answers...
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Pikajew  +   1211d ago
I know who you are! you are Doom Collector the person who did the interview.
TENTONGUN  +   1212d ago
i wish doom 3 would be released on xbl and psn. that would be very very cool.
Pwnage18202  +   1211d ago
that would be awesome!!!!! I had never thought of that!!!! we have to try to get this to work!!!
ZippyZapper  +   1211d ago
You and about 3 million other people over at the id forums ask for that daily.
TENTONGUN  +   1212d ago
xtreampro  +   1211d ago
Although RAGE had muddy textures I seriously can't deny that it still has to be one of if not the sharpest, smoothest and crisp games I've ever played on the PS3.
rizzo-rizzo  +   1211d ago
No John Romero no true Doom. best thing they can do now is steal or brainstorm ideas. or wait till real time ray-tracing accelerated video cards exist in everyone's PC. If they were to show it now, they'd be foolish for not waiting it out till Quakecon.

Thief 4 fans have waited since 2009 & they're already starting to turn bitter.
asides from the announcement & a stupid amateurishly haxxor titled "THI4F", Deus Ex's huge success things are already looking grim.

Information about it leaked, is debunked, dissected & consumed. blood, bones & all. case in point, including the proverbial hallucinogenic skin.
hiredhelp  +   1211d ago
As long as doom 4 gets utilized on PC not like RAGE im happy.
cos Doom goes back long way ok not wolfestien ok i cant speell, but still Doom made it started FPS.
StayStatic  +   1211d ago
Indeed , will be the end of ID if they don't make some good work with that ID Tech 5 they speak so highly of.
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Doom_Collector  +   1211d ago
John Romero said about Doom 4: "I have no idea what Doom 4 is about and I'll stay away from all information until I can play the game myself. I'm looking forward to seeing what id's 50 developers can do with Doom."

Source: http://www.merlininkazani.c...
BraveToaster  +   1211d ago
Why does anyone care about this game after what happened with Rage?
hiredhelp  +   1211d ago
Because for us doom fans of old, we can hope .
Voxelman  +   1210d ago
Different design team
BraveToaster  +   1209d ago
Oh. Well that's good. I'm still not gonna get my hopes up too much. I don't wanna be disappointed :\
MrGunny94  +   1211d ago
Doom was a game very important in my life, and it was the game that started me Gaming..

I hope I.D Software knows what they're doing and don't change the game to adapt to the new "audience" they so call...

Keep the game like it was and please don't make changes... and let's hope it doesn't ends up like Duke Nukem Forever.

Or a tear will grow on my eyes ;(
Doom_Collector  +   1211d ago
We want Doom4!
mynameisEvil  +   1211d ago
Man, I really would get this, but knowing how consolized RAGE was, I just don't feel like ever buying it. I feel betrayed, to be honest. iD, the developers that really jumpstarted PC gaming is now more for consoles.

Not even my best friend banging my ex (when she was still my girlfriend, obviously) was as big of a backstab as what iD did... *sigh*
Zephol  +   1209d ago
I hope Doom 4 not dissapoiting please!

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