Aliens: Colonial Marines Officially Delayed

SEGA today confirmed it is delaying the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines until later this fall.

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yabhero2513d ago

Probably so it can release as launch title for WiiU.

rogimusprime2513d ago

God. Damn. This was supposed to come out in two months!?! and now it could be 8-9 months? Weeeeeaaaaak. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pulse rifle, either. Guess there's always AVP 2010..... yuck.

Human Analog2513d ago

I'll take a delay due to improving quality over canceling it because of shortsightedness. I just hope it delivers. What was the other game Gearbox delayed, and delayed........? Well lets hope it doesn't become like THAT one.

admiralthrawn872513d ago

if your talking about duke nukem, they didn't delay it at all. it was delayed by another company they merely bought the rights for it, finished it up and released it.

Human Analog2512d ago

I guess you're right. But my thought is still the same. I hope it dosen't effect the quality in a negative way.

SleazyChimp2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

This is a good thing. More publishers need to think this way, particularly those dealing with licensed games based on movies. May be then we would could get a decent game with a movie tie in.

Legionaire20052512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I agree cause that's what Rare did with Goldeneye, when they release it 2 years after the movie came out back in 95. Game developers should change the way how they develop movie license games and release them sometime after the movie.

barb_wire2513d ago

Another delay for this game.. when is 'Borderlands 2' supposed to come out then?

mafiahajeri2513d ago

The co-op looks epic in this cant wait to try it out with friends. I just hope its scary like REALLY scary.

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