GT5: Prologue sells 50k first day; NIGHTS bombs with 7k

Listed below are the first day sales in Japan for December 13.

GT5 Prologue (PS3) : about 50k

Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon (Wii) : about 30k

Kingdom Under Fire (360) : about 8k

NiGHTS (Wii) : about 7k

Soul Calibur Legends (Wii) : about 5k

Kirarin Revolution (DS) : about 5k

Okiku Furikabutte (DS) : about 5k

We Love Golf! (Wii) : about 4k

Shikigami no Shiro 3 (360) : about 1.5k

Shikigami no Shiro 3 (Wii) : about 0.5k

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TANOD3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

so 50k first day sales for 1/10 as ps2 userbase isnt bad

I expect around 100k for the week

NOTE :- 50k doesnt take into accounts the PSN downloads so add another 20k to the total

70k for the FIRST day isnt bad

wow at NIGHTS,Legends and Golf?

what happened?

ddldave3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 has better physics, graphics, and gameplay.

Gran Turismo is made by Japanese company. Forza is made by American company. Japanese people know their cars and they make better cars than Americans.

Gran Turismo sold over 10.5 million copies world wide.
Gran Turismo 2 sold over 9.37 million copies world wide.
Gran Turismo 3 sold over 14.87 million copies world wide.

In just 1 week after it's release, Gran Turismo 4 sold over 1 million copies alone in Japan.

Forza sold 1 million copies world wide.
Forza 2 has not reached 1 million copies sold world wide yet.

Gran Turismo has always been the better franchise and will remain the better franchise. Its realism and gameplay is just too superior to be compared to Forza, Need For Speed, or Project Gotham Racing.

Forza is made by American company, Gran Turismo is made by Japanese Company. Therefore Gran Turismo is JDM like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. You can stick to Forza just like Ford, Chevy, and Pontiac. But no thanks, I'd rather stick to JDM.

sonarus3845d ago

actually forza 2 has sold about 1.7mill worldwide stil pitiful when compared to GT sales though. GT really should sell about 200k 1st week anything else is a dissapointment

actas1233845d ago

So u saying that you can buy a downloadable version of the game instead of buying it from the store. Since when? man, thats actually a great idea. But, if its on the internet why can't we just log in and buy the game online now?

barom3844d ago

u can log in and buy the game. you need however a japanese account and I don't know how credit cards would work.

People at the neogaf forums has already bought it.

PS3PCFTW3844d ago

anybody remember when i specifically told the bots that "they better get used to the xrod getting upstaged from now on" earlier this week?

remember my logic? "ps1 and ps2 killed the competition in its second year after a very slow launch year"

See what i did there?

of course ALL my bubbles were stolen by bots........but like i SAID: it doesnt stop the ps3 from beating the sh1t out of a much inferior system.


WilliamRLBaker3844d ago

last I checked GT had sucky gameplay and physics and vehicle damage.

GT is a half assed Car simulator, Forza and PGR are arcade racers where gameplay is paramount.

GT became popular because of pretty graphics and puting together your own cars from literally the ground up....and thats it, GT's gameplay is no where near as good as forza or PGR.

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Robotz Rule3845d ago

nuff said.

I can't wait for Prolouge to hit the states so I can pick up my copy:)

Irving3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Prologue must've sold more copies on PSN than hard copies, 1. because it is cheaper and 2. it isn't restrictive like PSN copy of Warhawk. I suppose it has sold more than 100k in its first day.

TANOD3845d ago

considering GT4 P sold 140k in a 14million ps2 user base

PLUS it is a fact that it a demo of a full game

perseus3845d ago

It's actually cheaper to get the game in stores, even if the MSRP is higher. The cheapest I've seen it so far is 4280 yen, but I'm sure there're cheaper versions.

MK_Red3845d ago

While I'm happy to see GT5 sell, I'm more than angry and sad about NiGHTs. WTF is wrong with J gamers? They buy piece of garbage like Wii Fit but when a real classic like NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams arrives, it bombs? Same happened to No More Heroes and this shows the ugly side of Wii which is it only sells casual and gimmicky games and real gems like Zack & Wiki, NMH and NiGHTS don't sell much :(

perseus3845d ago

Many people who have a Wii, have it FOR the party games, I think.

I haven't been interested in anything else that has been offered for the Wii yet. And since I'm a slave to eye candy, I'll always buy a beautiful PS3 game before I buy a good-looking Wii game (I'll probably change when Civilization comes out though).

(I have to admit that I only have 2 PS3 games and 5 Wii games. I'm not exactly what you'd call a hard-core gamer anymore.)

MK_Red3845d ago

Good point about most of Wii Audience but still, with those huge sales of Wii hardware, one would expect more sales for real games like NiGHTS and NMHs IMHO.

bOOmStiCK3845d ago

I think a lot of those Wii owners have no clue what good or bad games are. We'll most likely gonna see that games wich got a popular brand name or movie adaptations are gonna sell immensely while as you said those real classics like Zack And Wiki will disappear forever. Resulting in an even more horrendous game line up with just cheap ripoffs. It's sad really. Because I had high hopes for Wii. Escpecially when you see how many consoles are being sold, yet the truly great games are only the ones that Nintendo (and Capcom) has to offer.

ItsDubC3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Unfortunately, great titles aren't always best-sellers. Okami for PS2 technically "bombed" in my opinion.

EDIT @MK below:

Bubbles man. So very true unfortunately. I myself am gonna try to pick up Zack and Wiki today at Circuit City since it's on sale this week. Hopefully they have some copies left.

sonarus3845d ago

thats why 3rd parties fear the wiii. their games simply dnt sell. Nintendo could care less who buys their consoles in about a yr or 2 nintendo will go bck to their strategy of only 1st party games cus no other game sells on wii

MK_Red3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

ItsDubC, Good point on great games and Okami. I really REALLY hope that the Wii remake sells.
Now that I think about it (and thanks to your example), it's not just about Wii's audience that shined from great games such as NiGHTS and GT5, Heck, PS2 was the most hardcore console of it's time and yet games like Okami, Psychonauts and Indigo Prophecy bombed on it (The last two being multi).

EDIT: @ ItsDubC
Thanks and hope you find and enjoy Zack & Wiki :)

It's a sad proof that people just care for the hype and not the artsy hype but OMG, that's big game with 10000s TV ads and site commercials.

Kholinar3845d ago

Meh, Nights and the others may still do alright.

You do have to take other sales into account. There are only so many dollars out there, so if they spent $80 or whatever on WiiFit last week, it may take a bit for the cash reserves to build up for the next game...

I also wonder what Nights' promotion is like over there. Seems like, at least here, that a lot of the good third party Wii games are not being promoted well. I don't know if it's a function of wanting to combine cheaper wii development with cheaper promotion, but everyone seems to be seriously botching things...

gaffyh3844d ago

I totally agree with you, the Japanese have a strange taste. WiiFit is not a game, Nights is also aimed at younger children (which is what you expect of the Wii install base). Would like to see how it does in US/EU

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