Common themes in classic fighting games

After the incredible success of Street Fighter 2, many developers released one-on-one fighters using Capcom's flagship series as a model.

Over the years, gamemakers added their own innovations to the genre, but never strayed too far from Capcom's winning formula. Let's take a look at eight common features found in many popular fighting games.

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THR1LLHOUSE2518d ago

Okay, since so many classic fighters share these common themes, why not...mash them all up. I wanna see these screenshots made into a real game. None of this one on one or three on three. I want every character vs. every character all the time, I want it to be balanced so there's no unfair combination of fighters. THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE, RIGHT?

NagaSotuva2518d ago

Which fighting game introduced super moves? I know it wasn't Street Fighter 2.

Infernostew2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Art of Fighting. You needed to complete a bonus round to be able to use the super though. I think Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo was the first to have the super bar though.