Taco Bell Giving Away A PlayStation Vita Every 15 Minutes Starting Today!

Taco Bell and PlayStation's promotion to give away a PlayStation Vita and other prizes every 15 mintues starts today, January 26, 2012.

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360ICE2341d ago

Multiply the number of PS Vitas with 1000 and you have 1000 new vitas every 15 minutes! That is pretty insanely cool!

SoundGamer2341d ago

I'm not sure I am following your logic.

They are only giving out one every 15 minutes. Where did you get 1000 from?

Back OT, I don't eat from Taco Bell, but I would love to win a Vita!

360ICE2341d ago

Yeah, but imagine if it was a 1000!
Or imagine if you won a 1000 Vitas!
You could make, like, the biggest touch-sensitive indoor waterslide ever and still have one for everyday use.

ThatMiamiGuy2341d ago


That would be a nice thought. But it isn't what's happening, nor will it ever happen. <.<

OhMyGandhi2341d ago

"I don't eat from Taco Bell"

I don't even know who you are anymore!

Razongunz2341d ago

this is indeed a nice thing for US ppl, we don't have taco bells here at all, but i have very close friend from Ohio and he is eating from taco bell every day to try and get a vita xD, and he as allready pre ordered the first edition bundle, he says that taco bell are giving out 1000 vita where one vita is given away every 15 minutes, which is nice.

cervantes992341d ago

I feel sorry for your friend's digestive system :)

DarkBlood2341d ago

screw that lol i feel bad for his heart and all that calorie build up thats going to block his arteries causing massive heart attacks

boy hes gonna get faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat tsk tsk tsk

SweatyFlorida2341d ago

Well he necessarily doesn't have to eat it, he could perhaps feed the poor, doing a good deed and perhaps winning a vita at the same time. At least that's what I would do if I hate there "everyday" lol

Razongunz2341d ago

haha, he loves food so this is probbably gonna be a dream for him, but yeah he probbably won't go there everyday, but atleast as much as he can, and if he actually win a vita he will cancel his preorder saving a ton of money.

iXenon2341d ago

Nope. Never doing these again. I won Modnation Racers from a SUBWAY promotion and I never got it. Nope...nope...

ExPresident2341d ago

That sucks, I won two copies of GT5 from that same promotion and got them both. Took like 6 weeks but I got them.

iXenon2341d ago

Lucky -__- I even called customer service and they were no help

vader12312312341d ago

I'm already addicted to taco bell so this is a nice bonus!

dboyman2341d ago

Is there Taco Bell in Canada? And if so would we qualify for this?

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