PC vs Console Gaming

PC vs console gaming is a battle of beautiful graphics vs casualness. I explore the pros and cons of each gaming arena.

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hellvaguy2515d ago

Flaming trolls foaming at the mouth infected with rabies, inc.

ATi_Elite2515d ago

WOW we have never seen this before on N4G!

Staff meeting!!!!!!!!

Ok guys our website is getting pretty desperate for hits. What should we do?

Oh oh I know! How about MW3 vs BF3

we have been running that since BF3 was announced yet no hit increase. dam gamers are too smart and know that these games are really different and that they can co-exist!

Ummm how about replacing the cosplay section with Porn?

We tried that once already and no office work got done cause all the keyboards were sticky and had to be replaced plus Smith got Herpes from licking the monitors.

Look folks until we do some real gaming journalism to attract hits we're gonna pull out the old standby that gets fanboys all foaming at the mouth.........PC vs. console

so Johnson you go copy some paragraphs from the million other PC vs. console articles written and Jones you scramble them together and paste them into an article to make it look like we actual did something.

oh and make sure you use an Alienware PC picture to get the PC Gamers saying "No one buys those stupidly expensive PC's.....cheaper to build your own" and put a picture of a PS3 to get the PS3 fanboys all in a frenzy!

well why not a picture of a PS3 and a 360?

cause we don't want them to think it's a PS3 vs. 360 article cause if this don't work we gotta stoop EVEN lower and do one of those!!

slayorofgods2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Wow! Everyone is so neutral!

These comments are so boring to read.

This sums up everything; I like everything equally followed by only trolls comment.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Theo11302515d ago

another web site looking for quick hits...god.

Hassassin2515d ago

OK I post this in every console vs PC trollfest so here it goes:
PC + PS3 = best gaming combination IMHO

EVILDEAD3602515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

No wonder you are in every 'trollfest'


Heres a new one..we all own PCs..99% of the people typing responses to the articles are doing it from their home PC or laptop. With some on their phones or tablet.

I think a majority of hardcore gamers gamed on PC back in the day. I know for me it early PC gaming was the only place to play online at first.

But, I rembember all the hours I put into the original Unreal Tounament or being literally blown away by Half Life and Half Life 2. I just always said back then when we were playing with a keyboard and a mouse that I wish it had console controls.

Then the Network adaptor for the PS2 was released and finally Xbox Live and Halo 2 had us glued to our big screen TVs.

But, PC gaming for millions of us us was releagating to dressing at our PCs for work because we couldnt get off of WOW.

But, then when this gen was in full swing I know alot of us just mainly game on consoles and havent upgraded our PCs for serious gaming.

Star wars definately tepmted me to go back, but then I said I would buy one for Diablo 3. Now that it's delayed so long, Im just going to buy the announced console version.

I still have many friends who are hardcore PC gamers still, but they still show up on Live almost everyday playing COD (bragging about Old Republic).

To each their own..I'll take this and next gens consoles any day though.


Outside_ofthe_Box2515d ago

I applaud you for not even mentioning the 360 once.

EVILDEAD3602515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Lmao @ the sensitive few month 'profiles' that are mad because I mention the 360 in Xbox 360 articles and don't seek them out to troll like they do..

Classic N4g bizzaro world

Hey I know its not a 360 article to complain about but instead of following me how about you stay on topic..


Outside_ofthe_Box2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Sensitive? Seek out to troll? Following?

So because I simply pointed out the truth I'm sensitive?

LMAO get out of here man. And I'm not following you. I just happened to check the the article and happened to see you comment and realized, "hey for once you wrote a wall of text with mentioning the 360."

Seems like you're the sensitive one as you replied with making stupid accusations about me being a "few months profile that seeks out 360 articles to troll." And just because people don't agree with you does not mean they are trolling.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings lol.

Hassassin2514d ago

I didn't get your reply... is it the story of your gaming life? What does it have to do with my "trolly" opinion?

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hellvaguy2515d ago

Hassassin you part of the trolling problem here. I release your think your opinion is the best ever and everyone needs to be made aware of it, but its not even a comment on the title of the article. Troll on brutha!

tachy0n2515d ago

rage arguments will start in 3....2...1...

SKUD2515d ago


brish2515d ago

I have a sudden urge to play Metal Gear Solid 4 now.

Gohadouken2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Those that can live without pc , others without consoles .

Others like me will enjoy both fine , instead of pretending one is superior to the others , or wasting time on obvious facts .

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