IGN: Kingdom Under Fire Multiplayer Hands-on

IGN went hands-on with Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom:

"Co-op games are fad now more than they ever have been before. With Xbox Live connecting Xbox 360 owners all around the globe it makes perfect sense that more and more titles are offering a cooperative element to their games. Some releases highlight the co-op experience more than others, but there's no doubting that gamers prefer working through a campaign alongside one of their chaps.

We recently found a reviewable build of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom in our mailbox and immediately popped that succulent little disc into our test units to run through a few areas with another IGN co-worker. Before we got into the heated RPG action that Circle of Doom presents, we had to pick one of the six characters. I went with Duane, the narcissistic Ecclesian Noble with as many battle scars as hairs atop his head. My compatriot in the gun and sword slinging went with Celine, the elegant Elven Queen who specializes in ranged attacks."

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SuicidalTendencies3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I didn't know Skeletor was in this game.