IGN - The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 Will Not Hold Your Hand

IGN - Walking down the same path as Dark Souls, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360 takes a bold stance with its difficulty and complexity. Full of vague character references, sex, precise combat, tight controls, and tough enemies, the fantasy world lives and breathes with or without you. There's no hand-holding, and knowing how well its PC counterpart turned out, this unapologetic RPG is exactly what Xbox 360 needs.

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bozebo2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I don't understand why people think it's so hard (do they or was that just 1 review?)

There is a difficulty setting... (guess what, medium isn't easy - easy is)

The only problem I had was forgetting the controls and there's no way to see the key bindings in-game but that isn't an issue with a controller anyway (which it was designed with in-mind from the start of course like any good game these days).

Can't wait to play it again when I get a graphics card that can max it lol.

Stealth2k2489d ago

I never liked this game. Combat was shallow, the world was generically lord of the rings................

h311rais3r2489d ago

Someone didn't play the game...

ZippyZapper2489d ago

Read his comments it's obvious he don't like it because it's not a JRPG.

Captain Qwark 92489d ago

i just watched the live stream on facebook and i think this game looks flipping spectacular! i havent played it on pc becuase i was waiting for the 360 version, will be buying day 1!

joab7772489d ago

I am in RPG heaven. Skyrim, KoA in a week, Mass Effect 3, & then The witcher 2. Oh, and maybe dragon age3 & bioware can learn something from this port if its successful. And if it is difficult, i will b happy. Skyrim has insane difficulty spikes but gives u the option of changing difficulty on the fly. I guess that in a world so big, it has its benefits but i do like selecting a difficulty and dealing w the consequences. I loved the old games that required you to back off and figure out what is needed to conquer a particular foe.

Captain Qwark 92489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

lol its almost like we have the same exact taste and idea of what a game should be. with the exception of skyrim which wasnt my cup of tea, i prefered oblivion and morrowind much more.

but KOA, ME3, the witcher 2, dark souls for me starting to feel spoiled.

also just started darksider ( excellent game ) and becuase i enjoy it so much that i started looking at the sequel and i come to find out they're adding a bunch of rpg mechanics to that!

lastly, i agree with the difficulty thing too, thats part of what i dont like about the es series or even dragon age. you should lock to one difficulty imo and if you come across a character too difficult then you level some more and come back later or learn to fight better or come up with a strategy, not simply change the difficulty to easy, rape him and move on.

bumnut2489d ago

I thought the pc version was tough on easy!