New IPs and the $60 Price Tag

$60 for a game isn't a purchase, it's an investment. And when it comes to unproven IPs, that same $60 can turn into a gamble. Why are new IPs priced the same as brand new, well known games in a series. Do they have to be? Default Prime author Kyree Leary shares his thoughts.

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RockmanII72490d ago

Because sequals aren't always as good as their predecessor, and people would rage if they bought a 9.5/10 game for $40 then a few years down the road bought a 8/10 game sequel for $60.

Excalibur2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

TBH I'm over the $60.00 price tag.
I bought 20-25 new games last year and when I think back how much $$$ I dropped I could kinda kick myself.

yeah I have a great job and I can afford it but in reflection a lot of those games didn't come close to being worth a $60.00 price tag, thank God for Amazon as they saved me a lot.

This year I'm not making day one purchases like I did last year, this year I'll wait till the game hit the $25-$30 rage before i pick them up.

I'll say this, none of the games pictured look like $60.00 games IMO.

Keroyx2489d ago

Amazon is great when it comes to buying games and saving money, which is why I buy most of my games from them.

And about that games in the picture: From what I've seen, they all look like fun, interesting games, but $60 would be too much to spend on them. Especially Asura's Wrath.