Nice To See FIFA 12 On The PC, Now Where Are The Rest?

The PC version of FIFA 12 is finally on a par with the console releases, which is all well and good. Here, Chris Evans from The Reticule takes a look at similar games which are missing from the PC.

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Hisiru2517d ago

where are the good sales and profit? Looks like Fifa 12 isn't selling well on PC, so why would developers give more support for PC if only games like Starcraft, The sims etc can sell well on PC?

closnyc2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

fifa 12 sold more than any other fifa on pc due to the fact that it finally is on par with consoles. Itr went from 10k sales on fifa 10, to 120 sales on fifa 11 up to 500k at fifa 12, so all EA needed to do was to give us what we wanted and their sales would boost. While not in the millions, 500k copies for a pc game solely on origin, its good profit for EA, there is a reason why they didnt discontinue it like all other sports title. As long as PES is on the pc market which they will never leave, fifa will be on pc. And you must be some kind of console fanboy to be saying stupid crap like what you just said. Witcher 2, BF3, swtor, skyrim, all the indie titles, and many more have surpassed the million sales some have reeached 2 million. There is profit on pc, specially for EA on origin when they sell 1. 5 million of bf3 on pc. The run is over 200k as well, and thats a consollized racing game. Again, more profit for EA. SO yes, trust me, there is money on pc, and there is a reason why 2012 has more pc exclusives than deadbox and why we get all triple A titles you consoles get as well and why 2012 is looking ot be an even better year for pc than ever before. I wonder why, must be cause pc gaming is dead right?

Hisiru2511d ago

you are wrong and a fanboy. It's really sad to see people like you.