The red ring of death haunts me

This gamer has has insanely bad luck with his Xbox 360's. He's gone through over three different consoles. This is his story.

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xhedleyx2486d ago

It's a shame people report stories like this. It may be old news but the authors experience is interesting.

It's amazing that he's managed to stick with Microsoft after having to purchase so many consoles. At least his experience with their customer service was good though.

TheSleepyGamer2486d ago

I'm not surprised that the customer service is good. They get plenty of practice.

darthv722486d ago

about someone getting rrod or ylod or the systems just flat out getting fried but if you are as vested into gaming to have a significant library. You just cant walk away from that.

It isnt about being a sucker its about playing the games. Some are shallow and can easily change paths at the death of a system. Im not that way. I will pay to get it fixed (did it with the wii and ps2 and ps1) or buy a replacement if it cant be fixed (snes, genesis, 2600).

I wont poke fun at those who have these things happen to them because i know what it costs to be a dedicated gamer. This hobby isnt cheap.

Zachmo1822486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

You just offended some PS3 fanboys with the talk ylod and you fixing your past Sony systems. You do know no such talk of a Sony system breaking on you is aloud on this site?

Anyways I've had 3 360's so far my first one RROD within a year. My second still works just it doesn't read disc. Now i have an elite which i bought used back in October so hopefully this one will work for a while.

Me-Time2486d ago

"Zachmo182 You just offended some PS3 fanboys with the talk ylod and you fixing your past Sony systems. You do know no such talk of a Sony system breaking on you is aloud on this site?"


Me-Time2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I re-flowed my PS3 about 7 times while I waited for a price drop. First happened pne month after I got GT5.

Got the Slim for $300 at Target, then was given $160 in-store credit.

CarlitoBrigante2486d ago

Dont even know what you're saying. I have my original grey PS1 from 16 years ago still working like it did on the first day.

Sony makes the most reliable consoles, PS1-PS2-PS3-PSP all are great items made with quality products.

Microsoft had RROD problem becoz they wanted that 1 year headstart on Sony and Nintendo.

darthv722485d ago

I will agree that sony makes good hardware. So did sega and nintendo as well as some of the more obscure mfgs. Thing is, nothing is absolute. sometimes there are things that just.....happen.

The wii, for example, not my system that is in everyday use. I turned it on one morning and there was no sound. I thought it was the cables as well as maybe even the input on the tv. was the wii. Cost me $75 to get it fixed because it was just out of warranty.

My ps2 and ps1 both had to have the laser pickup units replaced because they just stopped working. I have a jaguar cd drive that spins but does not access. My Pioneer laseractive (model cld-a100) the laser died on it. Will cost me $175 to replace so now it just sits as a collectors piece.

My dreamcast laser died, 360 (original 05 unit) got RROD in 07 and was fixed by MS (only thing it cost me was time). Hell, i have even had handhelds go bad. PSP lcd replaced, GBA lcd replaced......

Im not tough on my equipment at all. Sometimes things just happen. When my genesis died was because it got fried on the same circuit as my snes so there was no fixing them. Easier to just by used and get back to gaming.

The 2600 would not turn on because of bad power port so i got a replacement (wife like the old school pacman).

But for every system I have that has had something go wrong I have systems that are rock solid. N64, Saturn, Master system, NES, Turbografx, NeoGeo/CD, Jaguar (cartridge), 3DO (yeah that is a surprise), etc.

So I am not in any way discrediting that there are some people with legit issues out there. People need to take a moment to realize that just because it hasnt happened to them doesnt mean it hasnt happened at all.

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CrimsonEngage2486d ago

I'v had 3 brick on me and still staying with MS. My current 360 has been working for 3 years so i managed to pull a good one.

My library is huge so i'm not tossing MS consoles out the window. Same as i didn't with Sony and it's PS2 (which had a high fail rate)

Solid_Snake372486d ago

Ps2 didnt have a high failure rate... I still play on my 7 year old ps2

CarlitoBrigante2486d ago

You cannot mention PS2 with 360 in the same sentence.

PS2 only had disc read errors with the first models.

360 had RROD forever, the new 360 S has the Red DOT of Death.

Also my 16 year old PS1 is still working like it did 16 years ago.

darthv722485d ago

i replied to your reply to me above. Give it a read.

Goozex2486d ago

They knew their hardware was faultybefore launch and they still sold them to consumers. Goes to show u his much they care for gamers. Shame on u Ms.

frelyler2486d ago

I agree. I know gaming is expensive, I lost a 360 within 6 months bf m$ fessed up and admitted they had problems. I sold it and have not looked back. Why stick with a company that has terrible quality? Seriously people are always praising the xbox but at laucnch it didn't have wifi built in and no hdmi. As a consumer the 360 was a terrible value. In the end both systems are on par with one another, yet m$ refuses to drop their console price and it doesn't even have bluray. People are allowed preference, I just have to ask why you have such a low standard for quality. Three consoles in thats at the very least is 600 dollars. Im glad I switched. Any answers about the low qaultiy standard?

mcstorm2486d ago

Wow this guy has been very unlucky with his 360s. I have only had one RROD and that was on my 1st console 3 years after I had got it. I then had it fixed by ms and my bother now has it and he has had no problems with it. I got a Elite and never had a problem with it and I now have 2 xbox s and so far no problem with them.

Its been the same with my PS3. I got the yold on my original PS3 and went out and got another fat PS3 and not had any problems with it or with my PS3 Slim

Droid Control2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I had 7 360's die on me for various issues. (For those who will ask-why stick with M$? Simple, I'm heavily invested with the software. I'm stuck with M$ until next gen when all bets are off)I brought a 360 S in 2010 and so far its working ok. After reading this article though, and hearing recently from my friend that his Slim has a broken disc drive, i've really started to worry again. I thought I was safe with the 360 S. I tell you this: If my S dies I'm not buying another. I have had my slime PS3 since 2009 and the thing works beautifully. Any more probelms with my 360 and I'm going for a muliformat guy to a one system gamer.

FunAndGun2486d ago

lol, 7 times!?

I don't care if I owned every piece of software ever made. Would have sold my whole collection and never looked back way before #7.

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