A Special Message from Resident Evil 6 Developers

The developers of Resident Evil 6 have released a special message for fans.

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Majin-vegeta2249d ago

Kinda skeptical seems more like action than horror.

Guess we'll find out 11-20-2012.

Tanir2249d ago

aslong as its fun who cares. games aren't scary anyway. nor are movies. the best they can do is set a scary atmosphere instead of bright african plains lol.

besides that who cares? im pretty sure by now the zombies should be more scared of leon and chris than vice versa

PamPoovey2249d ago

"besides that who cares"

A lot of fans

h311rais3r2249d ago

Guess u never played amnesia if u don't find games scary. People literally scream and piss themselves during that game.

IWentBrokeForGaming2249d ago

Fatal Frame and Amnesia I bet would have you cowering in a corner!

MasterD9192249d ago

Who honestly gets scared from games? Are you a small child?

I remember playing RE2 as a kid and loving it. Hard to fear an extremely pixelated zombie in a dark blurry office.

You'll never get scared by games today anyways. Look at CGI horror movies- they don't scare you- do they?

IWentBrokeForGaming2249d ago

I feel you wouldn't sound so tuff playing the Fatal Frame games in the dark with surround sound on!

Oldman1002249d ago

There's over 600 people working on this?