Reasons to be concerned about Mass Effect 3

VGW: There is little questioning that Mass Effect 3 may be the most-anticipated title of 2012. Here at VGW we are practically foaming at the mouth to see the last installment in Commander Shepard’s story. BioWare has delivered a set of hefty promises and if they have taught us nothing, historically, it is that they love the Mass Effect series as much as we, and they are probably going to deliver on these promises.

Probably. I suppose I wouldn’t be a video games journalist if I didn’t maintain a healthy dose of skepticism about, well, everything, including Mass Effect 3. Here'w why.

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IronFistChinMi2518d ago

I'm not really concerned about any of those points, as everything I've seen of it looks suitably epic. The only concern I have now, is that of the ending, which was alleged to be weak according to those who accessed the leaked script.

SKUD2518d ago

"Appealing to a wider audience"

I too cringe at this phrase. It's as though all games have to be ONE SIZE FITS ALL. I doubt gamers buy there clothes with this mind set.

MasterD9192518d ago

You guys have to consider that this game isn't a small word of mouth game...this is the last game in an epic trilogy here. They have to appeal to wider audiences.

Frankly, its a severe disservice to pop into ME3 without experiencing or knowing what happened in ME1 and ME2 but they have to appeal to the new players here somehow. I really don't think this game will let down the true fans with realistic expectations. Those who are looking for an interactive story-book here full of conversation choices may of course be let-down...You cannot avoid the action.

ElliePage2518d ago

I'm not concerned at all. I know this will suck to begin with just like the other Mass Effect games because it's more of a mediocre shooter than anything else.

I'd rather wait for Dragon Age 3.