If Xbox 720 cans pre-owned, we all lose

CVG - Don't declare war on the used game market, argues James Jenkins.

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JoGam2490d ago

Not I, Im getting a PS4.

Dread2489d ago

Trust me if they do this sony will probably follow suit

LOGICWINS2489d ago will the rest of the industry.

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Lior2489d ago

Not as many people would buy the games so everybody looses actually

Thatguy-3102489d ago

When you buy used games developers/publishers don't see anything ! There are a lot of people that buy games at regular price ! Not all of us are cheap.

claterz2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Well not everyone can afford to pay loads of money on video games. I've been renting games since november and so far I've saved £180 from not buying them brand new. I pay £9.99 a month for unlimited games and will keep playing games this way. If there is a game that has replay value, I'll buy it, but I'm not going to pay £40 for a game that I play for 10 hours and then leave on a shelf.

The_Xtrakt2489d ago

All those used games were sold new at some point, so devs/publishers already got paid for that product.

mcstorm2489d ago

Dbouc310 i agree with you. For me the pre owned market would not be a miss in terms of buying from them as i dont think i have picked up and 2nd hand games this gen as i tend to buy them all new. But i do trade in games so that part i would miss. But i do understand that some people cant afford to keep buying new games all the time so for them it would be a big loss for them to play some of the games they want too but cant afford when they 1st come out.

But i dont think ms will stop this the only way we will stop 2nd hamd market is make everything digital download but this will not happen for quite a few years yet. But i do see the next xbox offering games via media and download from dayone to start to bring this in.

GhettoBlasStarr2489d ago

@dboyc310 Have you ever sold a game you bought new?? If so how much money did you lose when you sold it at a cheaper price??

Now guess how much money the Pubs/Devs loss... None because you've already paid full price for those games. Now you don't feel that your entitled to make some of your money back off of games you've purchased that you no longer want or didn't like to begin with.... I DO!!

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vader12312312489d ago

Where the hell are all these baseless assumptions of the death of used games next gen coming from??

kma2k2489d ago

From the thinking part of the brain! :)

Sobari2489d ago

The only one that will lose is Microsoft, and the 3 or so people that would be dumb enough to buy such a system.

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