Top Spin 3 dev says PS3 still has potential

Sony console "comes with some limitations" but "opens up new routes to new things".

There is still loads of potential in the PS3, the creative director on upcoming tennis sim Top Spin 3 has said.

Fracois Giuntini, creative director at Paris-based Pam Development, told in an interview to be published on the site today that while Sony's next-generation console "comes with some limitations" not experienced on other consoles, it "opens up new routes to new things".

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The 3rd Place3779d ago

Sony console "comes with some limitations" but "opens up new routes to new things".

Like The 3d Place!

laved3779d ago

I don't think that was what he was talking about. I thought what he was saying was that while it can't do every thing, there are plenty of new things that developers can do with the hardware.

Capt CHAOS3779d ago

Heck, even my zx81 still has potential..

HarryEtTubMan3779d ago

God u guys sound so jealous... you have NO GOOD NEWS ON YOUR SIDE...because the 360 is nothing but a old PC and the Wii and f#cking kids toy... some u come try to ahte on the newest system... that u all are jealous of... that has games looking like gRAN tURISMO 5 AND IS gonna even better and better. The same cosnole that just tied the 360 at a 150$ higher price point. PS3 is here for the long run. Get used to it... 360 wont control the US market come 2008 and beyond.

Multigamer3779d ago

i bet at the end the 360 will have the best version.

duarteq3779d ago

Those devs must want to sell their fish to the best burner and at the moment there is no better burner than Xbox360. But don't let the fish burn to much time, it can turn to fire. LOL

Virtua Tennis will be the best tennis game. Never liked top spin. And this guys say that ps3 have limitations, humm, yeah, like the hard Drive u can find in Xbox, like space limitations in the Blu-ray, or the physics controls. Come on...

Gamingisfornerds3779d ago

Top Spin is hands down the deepest and most realistic of the two. VT is much more arcadey.

I personally think Top Spin is more fun, not to say VT isn't fun but the gameplay is a bit too shallow to my likings. On the other hand, other people will prefer VT for it's more arcadey addictive style of gameplay.

Also, no need to start a fanboy flamewar over this, grow up both of you.

supermandead6663779d ago

PS3 is a super computer unlike the 360 nothing more than just a bed side heater.

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The story is too old to be commented.